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Peterborough Gordon/Weedon/Walton Golf Club.

The original Peterborough Gordon Golf Club had a 9 hole course and was founded in 1894. Peterborough Gordon continued until the early 1920s. In 1922 Peterborough Weedon Golf Club appears but this name was short lived, about a year later Peterborough Walton comes on to the scene, at the same location. The nine-hole course at Walton adjoined the railway station. The club at Walton continued well into the 1930s and probably closed towards the outbreak of WW2.

Result of a club match between Peterborough Gordon and Burghley Park played at Peterborough on Tuesday 27th March 1895.

Peterborough Gordon   Burghley Park  
Rev Peyton 0 W W Lowe 4
Rev R C Faithfull 0 E Carroll 3
H M Bell 4 H B Waite 0
Rev T Ward 0 R Wyche junr 7
A Simpkin 0 C Hunt 1
T H Norton 0 R W Phillips 3
H W Gates 0 G E Hewlett 4
  4   22

Result of a match played in December 1895 at Orton, Burghley Park were the visitors.

Peterborough   Burghley Park  
Rev T T Peyton 0 W L de B Thorold 3
H M Bell 0 H B Waite 6
Rev T Ward 2 H V Iggulden 0
W H Sharpe 2 R Wyche junr 0
A Simpkins 8 E W Phillips 0
H W Gates 0 R G Evans 1
M V English 3 R Williams 0
  15   10

In December 1895 Miss Clemenger scored 83 and won the first ladies’ handicap competition for the gold brooch at Peterborough Gordon.

Result of a club match played at Peterborough against Belton Park in February 1903.

Peterborough   Belton Prak  
Mr P Wood 1 Mr B C Thompson  
Mr W H Sharpe 0 Mr W E Thompson 1
Mr A Simpkin 0 Mr F W Thompson 1
Mr H Waite 0 Mr H Preston 1
Rev W P Rigg 1 Rev E Robinson 0
Mr F Bower 1 Rev G Goodwin 0
Mr H Latham 1 Mr R M Weldon 0
  4   3

In 1900 the Secretary at Peterborough Gordon was H W Gates, The Vineyard, Peterborough. Course records; amateur H B Waite 40, professional H Hurry 38.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1902-14 A Simpkin, London Road, P'boro R Parker (p)
1906-20s H B Hartley, Cathedral Gateway.  
1922   John Smith (g)
1923   E R Hanton (p) John Searle (g)
1930s F S P Saunders, Midland Bank, P'boro C Sunderland (p) John Searle (g)

In 1902 visitors were allowed one day free; afterwards fees were 1/- a day and 2/6 a week. The station at Peterborough was 1 ½ miles away. Local hotels were the Angel, Great Northern and the Grand.

Below is the result of a club match played at Belton Park on Thursday 11th February 1909. 

Belton Park   Peterborough  
B C Thompson 1 A F Percival 0
W E Thompson 1 C M Everard 0
Rev H M Cooper 1 A C Ferrier 0
F W Thompson 1 T Blunt 0
H Preston 0 H  Amies 1
W G White 0 H C Hall 0
W S Brown 0 H B Hartley 1
P C Elliott 1 W H Sturton 0
  5   2

Result of a club match played at Peterborough on Thursday 1st April 1909 against Grantham. 

Peterborough   Grantham  
A F Percival 0 W E Thompson 1
C M Everard 0 T Norton 1
A C Ferrier 1 Rev H M Cooper 0
T Blunt 1 W S Brown 0
G C Hall 1 W E Dalby 0
W H Sturton 0 J S Glover 0
  3   2

Below is the result of a match played at Burghley Park on Thursday 15th April 1909. 

Stamford   Peterborough  
H B Waite 1 H  Amies 0
T B Blunt 1 A C Ferrier 0
C Atter (half) 0 H B Hartley (half) 0
W C Bower 0 R Y Norris 1
P W Johnston 0 J H Bowles 1
C S Jeffrey 0 F S P Saunders 1
  2   3

In May 1909, after a most successful season at the Gordon Golf Club A C Ferrier won the annual gold medal in the first class, Mr H W Allain took the second class.  

In 1922 there was a membership of 150. Visitors’ fees on introduction 2/- a day, 7/6 a week.

In 1923 membership had risen to 220. Sunday play was allowed after 1pm.

Below, result of a match played at Woodhall Spa in May 1929.

Woodhall Spa   Peterborough  
Major S V Hodgkin 1 J T S Flynn 0
V A Pollock 1 J E G Hassall 0
H M Wallis 1 J A Kirk 0
Capt W J Alexander 1 J Hunt 0
E M Morris 1 C H Skingley 0
C E Solar 0 S O G Willson 1
B C Morrison 1 V Jackson 0
C S Eaton Evans 1 W C Farrow 0
Major S V Hodgkin & V A Polllock 1 J T S Flynn & J E G Hassall 0
H M Wallis & C E Solar 1 J A Kirk & S O G Willson 0
Capt W J Alexander & B C Morrison 1 J Hunt & V Jackson 0
E M Morris & C S Eaton Evans 1 C H Skingley & W C Farrow 0
  11   1

Below is the result of a match played at Sutton Bridge in September 1929. 

Sutton Bridge   Peterborough  
Dr Collins 0 J Hunt (6&5) 1
J Duvall 0 T M Dougal (3&2) 1
W Lewis 0 S O G Wilson (5&4) 1
J Halifax (3&2) 1 V Jackson 0
G O Stephenson 0 J H Bowles (2&1) 1
W H Hickman 0 J T S Flynn (2up) 1
J Fletcher (4&3) 1 G D Andrews 0
A Fletcher 0 W G Davis (2&1) 1
  2   6


Peterborough Golf Club. Location of the Walton golf course.

Location of the course at Walton.

Grid reference TF16675,01955, co-ordinates 516675,301955.



Peterborough Milton, founded in 1938, is the current club.