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Waveney Valley Golf Club, Bungay. 

The club was founded in January 1889. The first President was F C Morrice Esq.

Originally a nine-hole course, laid out on Bungay Comon, it was extended to eighteen holes in 1896. "Bungay" was eventually added to the club title.

Following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser in August 1895. "We see from the account of a five a side match which took place recently between Waveney Valley, a club we confess we have not previously heard of, and Southwold, which has been in existence some 11 years, that the result was 53 holes to nothing in the latter's favour."

I would like to thank Dixon Pickup for supplying the images below. They show four examples (2 Ladies, 2 Gentlemens) of gilt awards given at the Waveney Valley Golf Club, all by Vaughtons.


Waveney Valley Golf Club, Bungay, Suffolk. February 1903 monthly medal.


Waveney Valley Golf Club, Bungay, Suffolk. Ladies November 1903 monthly medal.


Waveney Valley Golf Club, Bungay, Suffolk. November monthly medal.


Waveney Valley Golf Club, Bungay, Suffolk. Ladies January monthly medal.

All the above medals clearly marked W.V.G.C no Bungay at this time.


It was reported in early June 1896 the Waveney Valley Golf House, near the station, was broken into, nothing of value was stolen. 

Below is the result of a match played at Bungay on Saturday 13th June 1896 against Southwold Golf Club.

Waveney Valley Golf Club   Southwold Golf Club  
F J McLaughlin 0 W Whytock 0
F Page Roberts 0 Mr Penn 9
A J Savill 0 J B Gooding  9
A B How 2 Mr Herbert 0
V Nelson 0 Mr Woollett 7
R C Mann 1 Mr Waller 0
L McDonnell 0 Mr Yarburgh 9
W T Hartcup 0 Mr Brook-Alder 0
A Taylor 3 Mr Whitmore 0
D Baird 0 Mr Evans 3
T Lee French 1 D Gooding 0
  7   37


Result of "a most enjoyable afternoon's play in wind, rain, hail, and thunder"  at Bungay in a match against Framlingham on Saturday 8th April 1899.

Waveney Valley Golf Club   Framlingham Golf Club  
W T Hartcup 0 C M Hutchinson 2
L A Saville 0 A Macqueen 5
W Ayrton 0 J G Garnett 6
G Barratt 0 A F Towle 2
E A Holmes 0 W B Garrard 1
Rev F R Smith 0 E Tyrwhitt-Drake 2
V Nelon 8 Alfred Pretty 0
Capt, Hughes 4 M S Gorton 0
Rev G F Smith Rewse 4 B A Long 0
E A Smith Rewse 2 W T Brunger 0
E C Price 0 Col. Salmon 7
Rev E S White 0 J W Shuker 1
  18   26


The Ladies' Open Golf Tournament of the Waveney Valley Golf Club, played in August 1904, was won by Miss E B Tracy with a bogey score of 2up, she also set a new course record of 95. Other scores; Miss L Peskett, 3up; Miss Haggard and Miss S Peskett, 1down. 

The following information for Waveney Valley Golf Club is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; membership, 174; secretary, V S Kemball, The Pines, Mettingham, Bungay; captain, Rev W W White; entrance fee, 21/-; subs, £1/11/6; Visitors' fees 2/-a day, 10/- a week, 30/- a month.  

The eighteen-hole course is on Bungay Common, three minutes' walk from the station, lying chiefly on high dry ground with short crisp grass, which gives good lies. There are natural bunkers of gorse and sand-pits, with three artificial bunkers, The greens are all of good dimensions and have recently been extended and improved.