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Cheltenham Golf Club, Cleeve Hill, Glos.

Golf has been played on the slopes of Cleeve Hill since 1891.

Initially the Cheltenham Golf Club was formed, this course was situated on the lower slopes. There have been several courses. The Cheltenham  Town club was founded in 1902; after a couple of years it changed its name to Cotswold Hill Golf Club and continued for over thirty years. There was also an Artisans club which started in 1933. The Cheltenham club closed in 1935 and most of the members joined Cotswold Hills. Cleeve Cloud is the current club.


Cheltenham Golf Club, Gloucestershire. Cheltenham Golf Club 1891 cuff button.

1891 Cheltenham Golf Club cuff button back mark Firmins London. Courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


An 18-hole course situated on Cleeve Common with panoramic views as far as the Shropshire and Welsh Hills. There were hazards of quarries, sunken roads and cart tracks. Unfortunately membership numbers continually dwindled following WW1 partly due to the popularity of the Lilley Brook club in Cheltenham. The club was struggling financially during the 1930s and in 1935 the club went into liquidation. In the early 1950s it was agreed by ex members that the Cheltenham club trophies should be divided between the Cotswold Hills and Lilley Brook clubs.


Cheltenham Golf Club. Clubhouse in the early 1900s.

The Cheltenham Clubhouse in the early 1900s.


Below is the result of a match played at Cheltenham against Chastleton Hill Golf Club (now defunct) in November 1900.

Cheltenham Golf Club   Chastleton Hill Golf Club  
Miss L Percival and Mr J K Ashton 6 Miss Cowan and Mr Hayward Simpson 0
Miss Wiggin and Mr Daubeney 4 Mrs Becher and Col. Wynter 0
Miss C L Peares and Rev. C McArthur 7 Mrs E Francis and Capt. Becher  0
Miss Rawlinson and Mr Fuller 0 Miss Causteu and Capt. Cowan 3
Miss Tuke and Col. Willoughby 5 Miss Allfrey and Henry Causteu 0
Miss E Bramwell and Mr Goodeye 15 Miss Hulme and Mr Byass 0
  37   3

Below is the result of the competition (by gross score) for a prize presented by Mr C C Turnbull at the Spring Meeting played on Thursday 15th March 1902. The club also presented a prize to the player with the best net score (M Chester).

T K Aston 82 1 81 H B Yerburgh 95 12 83
G W Blathwayt 83 1 82 Rev M Woodward 95 10 86
E H Topham 84 6 78 J L Hamilton 96 12 84
J G Baker 85 5 80 O J Williams 97 10 87
S C Healing 86 2 84 J Grant Ferguson 98 13 85
J A Healing 86 5 81 C Johnson 99 12 87
Colonel Langdon 87 7 80 Captain Osborne 99 13 86
C Tillard 88 3 85 G Trower 99 13 86
A A Bourne 88 12 76 J M Horsfall 100 16 84
M Chester 89 14 75 E B Wethered 103 19 84
J B L Astley 91 8 83 J S Sargeaunt 103 20 83
G Chester 93 8 85 W Rayner 107 16 91

A foursome competition was played on the same day, it was won by T K Ashton and J S Sargeaunt.

Result of the monthly bogey competition played on Saturday 12th July 1902; T K Ashton (+1), 4up; E H Jopham (5), all square; O J Williams (10), all square; H Jessop (16), 1down; Major J B L Astley (9), 4down; M W Chester (12), 4down; R L Townsend (18), 6down.

Result of the July 1902 monthly medal; H E Daubeney, 89-12-77; J B L Astley, 87-9-78; M W Chester, 90-12-78; T K Ashton, 77-+3-80; E H Topham, 84-4-80; G W Goodeve, 92-10-82; E B Wethered, 100-19-81; H Fane Gladwin, 107-24-83; R H Harvey, 115-20-95.  

Below is the result of a ladies' match played at Barnwood in March 1903.

Barnwood Golf Club   Cheltenham Golf Club  
Miss Pearce 1 Miss Wiggin 0
Mrs H W Grimes 1 Miss Tuke 0
Miss Hibbard 0 Miss M Newall 1
Miss Stephens 0 Miss C L Pearce 1
Mrs C H Scott 0 Miss Healing 1
  2   3

The information below is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook. Interesting that there is a separate entry for Cheltenham Ladies' Golf Club which suggests that they had their own eighteen-hole course, and was founded in 1891.

Cheltenham Golf Club; Instituted 1896; Number of members 242, ladies, 101; Hon. secretary - Col. F Stevenson, Worcester House, Cheltenham; Captain, Major General Cunningham; Entrance fee, £2/2s, ladies £1/1s and subs, £2 and £1; 18-holes; Professional A T Hobley; Best scratch score, Hon. O Scott, 74; Terms for visitors, 1s a round, 2s a day, 15s a month. The holes are situated at altitude varying from 700 to 1,000 ft above sea level, and the hazards are quarries, deep sunk roads, and cart ruts.

Cheltenham Ladies' Golf Club; Instituted 1891; Number of members 110; Hon. secretary - Miss C L Pearce, Lagarie, Cheltenham; Captain, Miss Bond; Entrance fee £1/1s and subs £1; 18-holes; Professional, A J Hobley; Terms for visitors (who must be introduced by a member,) 6d a round, 3s a wek, 7s/6d a month. The course is an excellent inland one, with the eighth hole 1,100 feet above sea level, and is situated on Cleeve Hill. The turf is short, being kept sheep trimmed, whilst the bunkers consist of stone quarries.

Below is the result of a match played on Cleeve Hill against Gloucester Golf Club on Thursday 15th March 1906. 

Cheltenham Golf Club   Gloucester Golf Club  
T K Ashton (half) 0 E F T Fowler (half) 0
W Rayner 0 Rev F H Fowler 1
J G Baker 1 A Simpson 0
S H Healing 1 H Chadborn 0
G Chester 1 A C Burnett 0
H N Alston 1 T S Gibson 0
H Meates 0 E W Henley 1
H Jessop 1 G Hogarth 0
  5   2

Result of the 1907 May monthly medal; First (Senior) Division – Rev C W Bennett, 85-8-77; Captain Willes, 90-13-77; C E Tomlinson, 86-6-80; J S Sargeaunt, 89-8-81; O J Williams, 96-10-86; General Cunningham, 95-8-87; Colonel Willoughby, 95-8-87; T M Horsfall, 103-13-90; Second (Junior) Division – T L S Garrett, 99-20-79; W G Gurney, 102-22-80; E A Bennett, 101-16-85; P H Kenworthy, 102-16-86; Colonel Stevenson, 115-18-97.

In 1914 the secretary was W Rayner, Cleeve Hill the professional was A J Hobley (1896 to 1933). Mmembership at this time of 263 gents and 170 ladies. Entry fee was £4/4/0, subs £2/2/0, country membership £1/8/0, ladies paid half. Amateur course record held by T K Ashton 74. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 8/- a week and £1 a month. Ladies’ fees, on introduction, were 1/- a day, 4/- a week and 10/- a month. The clubhouse was closed on Sunday and no play was allowed. The GWR station was 4 miles away and the MR station 5 ½ miles with an half hourly bus service from both.

Results from the Autumn Meeting played on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September 1921; Turnbull Challenge Cup (gross) – Rev W H B Yerburgh, 75; Challenge Bowl (net) – W Blakey, 82-12-70. The next best score was J G Baker, 77-5-72. The Fane Gladwin Cup was won by D W Waylen, 87-13-74, Captain Tombs was next with 92-14-78. The President’s (Lord Eldon’s) Cup was won by J P Winterbotham, 75-3-72, J G Baker won the Gold Medal with a gross score of 74.

In 1924 the secretary was H C Cope-Procter, Silverdale, Cleeve Hill the professional J A Hobley and the greenkeeper J MacDonald. 18 holes with a membership of 256 gents and 201 ladies. Course records were, amateur Rev W H B Yerburgh 72, professional A Parker 67.

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 4th October 1924; H B Prettejohn, 77-2-75; J P Winterbotham, 78-2-76; Col E S Gale, 90-14-76; H B Yerburgh, 95-18-77; J Rupert Collins, 94-16-78; H C Cope-Proctor, 91-11-80; J G Baker, 90-8-82; K A Woodward, 91-9-82; C Thornber, 95-12-83. 

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 7th March 1925; J P Winterbotham, 84-2-82; K F Tarrant, 88-6-82; W M Alford, 94-10-84; H B Yerburgh, 106-18-88; Howard Green, 112-22-90. 

Result of the May 1925 monthly bogey; A E Healing, 4up; A Peebles, 2up; C E Tomlinson, 2up; K F Tarrant, all square; R J Dennis, all square; L G Badham, 1down; F F Leaver, 1down; J P Winterbotham, 2down; H C Cope-Proctor, 2down; Dr N H Pike, 2down; C Thornber, 3down; A B Stewart, 4down; W S Whitehouse, 7down; N Harene, 8down. 

In the late 1920s and early 1930s the secretary and professional were as 1924. The greenkeeper was now P A Murrell. Course records were, amateur J H Baker 70, professional A Mitchell 71.

On Wednesday 18th June 1930 H P Bazeley (Cheltenham Golf Club) won the County Championship at Cleeve Hill with scores of 73 and 72 (total 145). The Cheltenham Club also won the Team Championship, represented by; J H Baker, 77, E F T Fowler, 76 and H P Bazeley, 72 for a total of 225.  

In 1935 the secretary was G S Magill, Ivy Bank, Cleeve Hill the professional was W East the greenkeeper was still W Murrell. Membership had reduced to 170 gents and 120 ladies. Visitors’ fees were gents, 2/6d a round, 4/- a day, 10/- a week and 25/- a month. Ladies paid 2/-, 7/6d and £1 respectively. Sunday play allowed.

Cheltenham Golf Club at Cleeve Hill.

Postcard by B & Ds “Kromo” series 31124, Picture Postcard Pioneers, London E. C.


Cheltenham Golf Club. Cleeve Hill from the golf course.

Cheltenham Golf Club, Cleeve Hill had disappeared by 1940. Postcard by Valentines.


Location of the Cheltenham Golf Club course.

Location of the Cleeve Hill courses.