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Churchdown Golf Club, Gloucestershire.

Founded 1900/1 originally known as Chosen Hill Golf Club the 9 hole course was laid out by the professional G H Causey of Malvern.

Card of the early course -

Hole Name Yardage Bogey
1 The Gate 395 5
2 The Spinney 247 4
3 Oystershells Green 208 4
4 The Saddle 150 4
5 Spion Kop 120 3
6 Rabbits’ Hill 293 4
7 The Crab 208 4
8 The Railway 416 5
9 Home 236 4
    2273 37


The professional from 1901 to 1905 was E J A Crook.

In 1905/6 the secretary was Hamilton Arnison, Rosedale, Churchdown, Cheltenham and the professional R Hopton (1905 to 1907).  The captain was J F  Steele. At this time it was described as " a pretty sporting 9-hole course, situated  around Chosen Hill. The turf is good, and the greens excellent. There is a comfortable clubhouse" .  Course records were, amateur, G Grieve with a score of 74 and professional Ernest Crook 72. Visitors’ fees on application to the secretary, were 1/- a day, 2/6 a week and 7/6 a month. The station at Churchdown was 5 minutes away. Local hotel was the Old Elm.

Result of the June 1906 monthly bogey competition; WW Freeman (27), 1up; F W Whishaw (13), all square; Dr J J Foster (20), 2down; F S Lunnon (7), 3down; J Herbert (25), 9down; no returns from  E J Lunnon, Dr R D Moore, H T Jowett, C Mackness, F Wigg, H A Godwin, C C Sumison, W W Freeman.

Below is the result of a County Union Club match played on Saturday March 7th 1907 against Gloucester Golf Club on their Barnwood course.

Gloucester Golf Club   Churchdown Golf Club  
Rev F H Fowler 0 F S Lunnon 1
E F T Fowler 1 W H Langley-Smith 0
S R Hibbard 1 J F Steele 0
C H Scott 1 E J Lunnon 0
H Chadborn 0 E T Hancocks 1
H W Grimes 0 F M Norman 1
A Godwin 0 A Johnstone 1
C Wilson 1 R Ratcliffe 0
  4   4

On Saturday May 11th 1907 a County Union match took place, with an unusual scoring system, between Churchdown and Cheltenham on the Churchdown course.

Churchdown Golf Club   Cheltenham Golf Club  
G T Wellington 2 E H Topham 0
H Langley-Smith 0 Capt G Johnson 2
F S Lunnon 1 G W Blathwayte 1
J F Steele 2 Col Willoughby 0
E J Lunnon 2 N N Alston 0
Rev O E Hayden 2 G C Jobling 0
R Ratcliffe 0 Rev T Bolton 2
H R Milner 2 H S Lemon 0
J E Barton 1 Rev E Bennett 1
Dr R D Moore 0 T M Horsfall 2
D B London 0 P L Sulivan 2
  12   10

Below is the result of a County Union match played at Rodway Hill against Churchdown on Thursday 10th October 1907. The previous match ended in a narrow win for the home team, but the Bristol team took ample revenge in this match.

Rodway Hill Golf Club   Churchdown Golf Club  
Rev A H Sharpley 0 F S Lunnon 2
H A Robbins 2 J F Steele 0
E W Pratt 2 E T Hancock 0
S V P Drapes 2 A Johnstone 0
Dr H W Aubrey 2 G A Baker 0
Ernest J Taylor 2 R F Guyton 0
A Quant 2 H R Milner 0
Rev J Bentley 2 B Jones 0
  14   2

The professional from 1907 to 1910 was M J Lewis.

Below, result of a match played at Churchdown against Cotswold Hills on Saturday 27th April 1912.

Churchdown Golf Club   Cotswold Hills Golf Club  
E J Lunnon (Half) 0 D Bailey (Half) 0
F S Lunnon (Half) 0 L K Barnett (Half) 0
R E Knight (Half) 0 C J Knight (Half) 0
B Auden 1 W Bailey 0
E T Hancocks 0 O Gilbert 1
Rev B James 1 B Frith 0
Dr Moore 1 A G Madgwick 0
Dr Foster 0 C V Waylen 1
D E Griffiths 0 Capt Taylor 1
  3   3

At a special general meeting held on Monday December 16th 1912, the president, Sir Percy Cunynghame, Bart., occupied the chair. The generous terms offered by the Churchdown and General Land Company for a seven year lease of 90 acres of additional land was accepted. The preparation work was to begin immediately on the additional nine holes, it was hoped that the full 18 holes would be ready for play in the spring. The annual subscriptions were to be raised from £1/10s to £2/2s, lady members from 15/- to £1/1s.

In 1914 the secretary was D E Griffiths NA, Churchdown, Cheltenham. The professional was F Bannister (1910 to 1917). It was now an 18-hole course situated round Chosen Hill, Churchdown. The turf was good and the greens excellent. There was also a comfortable clubhouse. The club had a membership of 138. Entry fees for gents were £1/1/0 and ladies 10/6. Subs for gents £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 2/6 a week and 7/6 a month. Sunday play was not allowed.



Churchdown Golf Club disappeared following WW1.