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Dursley Golf Club, Gloucestershire.

Dursley Golf Club appeared in the early 1900s. The professional in 1908/9 was T H Dunn. 

On Saturday 21st October 1905 Mr H Goldingham, secretary of the Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club, took a team to play Dursley, result below. 

Dursley   Goldingham's Team  
F Ayliffe 0 G Perrin 1
W Gillard (half) 0 H Pryce (half) 0
H Griffen 0 J Reade 1
A E Smith 0 C Bury 1
S B Thomas 0 W Hay 1
A W Wise 1 H Goldingham 0
  1   4

The Dursley club eventually amalgamated with Stinchcombe Hill GC.