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Forest of Dean Golf Club, Gloucestershire.

Founded 1906.  

A dry 9-hole course with beautiful views at High Nash, Coleford. The railway station was a short walk from the course.

The 1907 July monthly medal was won by Dr. Buchanan, 113-20-93. The ladies' monthly medal was won by Mrs Parker, 69-7-62.

Below is the report on the first annual meeting in February 1908.


Forest of Dean Golf Club, Gloucestershire. The First Annual Meeting February 1908.


Forest of Dean Golf Club, Gloucestershire. The First Annual Meeting February 1908.


Forest of Dean Golf Club, Gloucestershire. The First Annual Meeting February 1908.

From the Gloucestershire Journal Saturday 15th February 1908. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the November 1908 monthly medal; E Mansfield, 105-14-92; E Lindsay Beak, 113-15-98; Dr P Buchanan, 113-12-101; B H Taylor, 119-17-102; Dr E W Battle117-14-103; F J Provis, 127-22-105; G B Taylor, 131-23-108.

Mr Thomas Newcomen  was in the chair at the second annual meeting held at the Angel Hotel, Coleford, on Tuesday February 16th 1909. Dr E W Battle (hon. secretary) staed that 15 new members had been elected during the year, membership was now over 60. “The club had secured new links, where they could play in dry and wet weather.” The following oficers were elected; President – Colonel A W Plant, Staunton; Captain – Dr P Buchanan; Hon. Secretary – Dr E W Battle; Hon Treasurer – H Porter. Mr Beak referred to a desirability of a pavilion, and suggested an entrance fee to the club.

Card of the course -

Hole Yards Bogey
1 320 5
2 120 3
3 330 4
4 310 4
5 60 3
6 220 4
7 300 4
8 280 4
9 360 5
  2300 36


Result of a match played at Coleford against Dursley Golf Club on Saturday 25th September 1909.

Forest of Dean Golf Club   Dursley Golf Club  
V F Leese 0 T Dunn 1
N P King 1 A W Wise 0
B H Taylor 0 H Griffin 1
E W Battle 1 F Heath 0
E L Beak 1 Mr Richmond 0
G J Mansfield 1 P Ashwood 0
J Horwood 1 W Griffin 0
J Roper 1 F Thomas 0
A Buchanan 1 W H Allen 0
G B Taylor 0 F Bloodworth 1
  7   3

Below is the result of a match played at Coleford against Ross Golf Club on Saturday 27th April 1912.

Forest of Dean   Ross  
E Mansfield 0 H T Howell 1
B H Taylor 0 A Hatton 1
E Harvey (Half) 0 W S B Cox (Half) 0
E L Beak 1 C L Llewellyn 0
C L Saunders 1 J Martin Newton 0
P Buchanan 1 H Whiffin 0
E W Battle 0 S G Yates 1
A D Taylor 1 B S Collins 0
O Howells 1 J B Bernard 0
E L Rea 0 C H Bunning 1
  5   4

Result of a match between Ross and Coleford (Forest of Dean) played in May 1934 at Ross.

Ross   Coleford  
T C Longford 0 L W Provan? 1
F J Kemp 0 L Hill 1
E J Turner 1 C L Saunders 0
A J Kiddle 1 C Smith 0
L D James 1 J S Hough 0
B S Collins 1 R Smith 0
H C Jefferies 1 A W Mundy 0
E Passey 0 H Fairweather 0
A O Lewis 1 A Edwards 0
  6   2

Result of a match played at Brockworth against Gloucester Golf Club in June 1936.

Gloucester Golf Club   Forest of Dean Golf Club  
T W Field 1 H R Howell 0
A Alcock 0 L Provis 1
J W Firkins 1 E Jarvis 0
D G Price 0 Dr Harrison 1
H H Apted 1 L P Hullett 0
T S Norcott 0 A E Edmunds 1
A T Voyce 1 Leo Hill 0
P V Taylor 1 H R Romans 0
C W Jones 1 W H Fairweather 0
F C Gardner 1 O Howells 0
A E Jones 1 Hector Jones 0
P J Allen 1 H A Dangerfield 0
  9   3

Report from The Monmouthshire Beacon Friday 13th May 1938. “Forest of Dean Golf Club – Financial Loss On Year – It would be a tragedy for the oldest golf club on this side of the River Severn to fall into decay, but if the club ceases the existing members will have to face the obligation of discharging the club’s debt at the bank.”

These remarks were made by Mr H A Jones, when he presided at the annual meeting of the Forest of Dean Golf Club at Coleford. It was stated that the membership had fallen to 56, including Country Members, and there was a loss on the year’s workings of £5/10s/7d that had increased the club’s debt at the bank to £29/12s. Several members urged that the absence in the past year of sufficient club matches was the main reason for the apathetic attitude of the members.

It was decided to raise subscriptions for the ensuing year from 30 shillings to 35 shillings for men and from 21s. to 27s/6d for women. The following officers were elected; president – Dr P Buchanan, J.P; general secretary – S Williams; match secretary – O Howells; treasurer – C L Saunders; assistant treasurer and club captain – L P Hullett; vice-captain – R G Harper; entertainments secretary – F R Blanch. 

Result of a match played at Coleford against Gloucester Golf Club on Wednesday 4th June 1939.

Forest of Dean Golf Club   Gloucester Golf Club  
H R Howell 1 C D Bingle 0
L W Provis 1 T S Norcott 0
L P Hullett 1 J McIntyre 0
A E Edmunds 1 S H C Morton 0
R G Harper 1 N H Croxford 0
Cyril Smith 1 G H Williams 0
S L H Williams 1 P W D Sessions 0
W H Fairweather  1 A Smith 0
G Elliott 0 J C Liddle 1
S Foxwell 0 W Bullock 1
  8   2

The course was required for the war effort in WW2 and did not recover.

Forest of Dean Golf Club. Location of the earlier golf course

Location of the Forest of Dean course in the 1920s. Grid reference SO57425,10060, co-ordinates 357425,210060. The current club, founded in 1973, is shown on the right of the map.