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Abingdon/North Berks. (1876 - 1940s)

In May 1876 there was a report of a proposed golf course on Abingdon Common. Mr Molesworth, a distinguished golfer, had inspected the intended area and he made the following report to the Field “Oxford has many excellent golfers, and Radley College has sent out some fair specimens. The OUGC cannot play upon their links all year round and Cookham links are too far and difficult to get at. Abingdon Common presents the capabilities of as good golf links as any in England (barring Westward Ho!) It only requires some ten or twenty golfers to put their heads together, get a professional to lay out the links, and fix a day for inauguration, and in a few years Abingdon Golf Links may become as prosperous as any”

I’m still trying to find evidence of any golf being played at Abingdon following this promising report.

In 1906 the secretary at North Berks Golf Club was C Alfred Pryce, Abingdon, Berks and the professional A Pedlar, 21 Broad Street, Abingdon. A 9 hole course the visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day; 10/6 a month. The Abingdon GWR station was 1 ¼ miles away. Local hotel was the Queen’s, Abingdon.

By 1914 North Berks had disappeared and Abingdon Golf Club Founded 1909 appears. The secretary  was H P Simpson and the professional C Cox. A 9 hole course. Visitors’ fees 1/6 a day, 5/- a week, 10/6 a month. Sunday play was allowed after 1pm. With the station at Abingdon GWR still recorded as being 1 ¼ miles away it‘s probable that the club simply changed names from North Berks to Abingdon.

The next records found were in 1935 when the club address was Abingdon Golf Club, Shippon, Berkshire.

The secretary from 1935 to 1947 was Horace Carter, 3 The Terrace, Northcourt, Abingdon. The greenkeeper and professional was C Cox. The 9 hole course had a SSS of 72 and a membership of about 150. Visitors’ fees  2/6 a day, 7/6 a week and 12/6 a month. Sunday play was allowed. The station at Abingdon was 1 mile away. Local hotels were the Queen’s and the Lion.

Abingdon Golf Club course location.

Course location, Abingdon Golf Club had disappeared by 1951.