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Peppard Golf Club, Henley.

Founded 1894.

A 9-hole course on Peppard Common situated on high ground on the southern slopes of the Chilterns. Stations at Henley-on-Thames 4 miles and Reading 6 miles. Local hotel was the Red Lion.

The inaugural meeting of the club took place on Tuesday 18th September 1894. The weather was fine and there was a good attendance of members and their friends. The club medal for the lowest net score was won by A C Havers and the prize for the lowest scratch score, a "Brougham" driver, presented by Captain Montagu, was won by V F Maude, leading scores; A C Havers, 98-14-84; V F Maude, 97-12-85; H Taylor, 99-10-89; Rev. M P Williams, 115-26-89; H L Havers, 100-10-90; Captain Montagu, 115-22-93; J Rhoades, 119-26-93; F H O Nash, 107-14-93; W W Barlow, 93 scratch. The Ladies' competition, prize presented by Mr R Ovey; Miss D Rhoades, 92; Miss V Makins, 93; Mrs Rhoades, 103; Mrs Hermon-Hodge, 116; Miss G Maude, 143.  

Result of a match played at Peppard against Eltham Golf Club (now Royal Blackheath) on Saturday 22nd March 1902.

Peppard Golf Club   Eltham Golf Club  
Mr Taylor 1 Mr Banning 0
Mr Peppard 1 Mr Munsie 0
Mr Dicks 1 Mr Terrie 0
Mr Lely 0 Mr Davies 1
Mr Crisp 0 Mr Oliver 0
Mr Brakespear 1 Mr Terry 0
Mr Woodgate 0 Mr Brown 1
Mr Davies 1 Mr Willis 0
Taylor & Palmer 0 Banning & Munsie 1
Dicks & Lely 1 Terry & Davies 0
Crisp & Davies 0 Oliver & Willis 1
Brakespear & Woodgate 0 Terrie & Brown 1
  6   5

Results of the competitions for the Palmer and the Taylor Challenge Cups which took place on September 19th  and October 3rd 1903.

Palmer Cup.

H Taylor 83 6 77
L Palmer 87 6 81
F G Brakspear 99 17 82
A S Goadby 111 18 93
Rev S Dyer 120 22 98
H Monk 118 20 98

Taylor Cup.

L Palmer 81 5 76
H Taylor 82 4 78
Rev Dennis Browne 99 16 83
E M Fletcher 92 7 85
A S Goadby 107 18 89
Rev S Dyer 111 22 89
R Trulove 99 10 89
H Monk 117 20 97

The following is taken from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Membership of 70; Hon. secretary - Col. H Davis, Rotherford Greys, Henley-on-Thames; Captain, J H Taylor; Entrance fee £1/1s and subs £1/1s, 10s/6d for ladies; Green-keeper, W Lawrence. This is a sporting little course on Peppard Common. It is situated on high ground and in fine air. Each hole differs and is full of interest. The soil is porous and little affected by rain.  

In 1906 the secretary was Colonel H Davis, Grey’s Green, Henley on Thames. Visitors had to be introduced unless they were a member of a recognised club, fees 1/- a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month.

In 1914 the secretary was A Wilson, Peppard Common, Oxon. The professional and greenkeeper was J Stan brook (1908 to 1924). There was a membership of 70. Entry fees were £1/1/0. Subs for gents £1/1/0 and ladies 10/6. Visitors 1/- a day, 5/- a week, 10/- a month.

In 1922 the secretary was Captain C F Wells. The professional and greenkeper was still J Stanbrook.

Membership had actually increased to 150, an unusual occurrence as most clubs membership had unfortunately decreased following WW1. Visitors’ fees 2/6 a day.

In the mid 1920s the secretary was still Captain Wells the greenkeeper was now W Bowles. Local hotels were the Red Lion and the Catherine Wheel.

Result of a match played against Henley Artisans' Golfing Society in August 1939 on the Harpsden course.

Henley Artisans' Golfing Society   Peppard Golf Club  
C W Pedlar and A Mountain 1 F Callis and T Shephard 0
F Goodwin and W Steptoe 1 B Wells and W Elliott 0
L Lovegrove and A Courtney 1 D Pidgen and S Wheateley 0
H Emmett and J Purton 1 S Emmens and W Callis 0
P Anderson and T Hobbrook 0 J Dowbuy and H Paddick 1
E Wilson (half) 0 B Gates (half) 0
  4   1

In 1940 and 1947 the secretary was F Lane, Bolts Cross House, Peppard. The greenkeeper was J Bowles. The 9 hole course had a SSS of 68 and a membership of 90. Professional course record held by A Mitchell 62. Visitors’ fees were now 1/6 a day. Sunday play was not allowed.

Peppard Golf Club, Henley. Location of the former golf course.

Course location, Peppard Golf Club had disappeared by 1951.

Grid reference SU70565,81645, co-ordinates 470565,181645.