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Ewelme Golf Club, Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

Founded 1898.

The annual general meeting was held in the club-room on Saturday 4th March 1899. The following officers were elected; Mr Palmer, captain; E H Burkitt, treasurer; Lieutenant Col Wylie, secretary; committee – A C Harding, W G Curtis, F E Hedges, Rev G H Hamilton. The monthly medal competition took place on the same day, result as follows; F R Hedges, 114-16-98. The ladies’ medal was a tie between Mrs Palmer, 57+2-59 and Miss Manley, 79-20-59, Miss Manley won the play-off. The monthly bogey was won by F R Hedges with a score of 2 down.

There were a large number of members present for the AGM which was held in the clubhouse on the 3rd March 1900. The balance sheet was presented and the following officers were elected; Mr L Palmer, captain; Mr E H Burkitt, secretary and treasurer; committee – A C Arding (note the surname spelling in  1899), S H Bennett, W G Curtis, F E Hedges and F R Hedges. The committee reported that club membership had greatly increased during the year. The greens were in excellent order and golfers visiting the picturesque course could be assured of  a warm welcome.

Below, result of a one sided match played at Reading on Wednesday 10th October 1900. 

Reading Golf Club   Ewelme Golf Club  
S S Wollaston 0 E R Morres 4
D A T Wilmot 1 L Palmer 0
A C Bartholomew (Half) 0 W Neil (Half) 0
E M Fletcher 6 F R Hedges 0
H A Copeland 6 F E Hedges 0
G E Seon 6 W G Curtis 0
Com F L Laurence 6 S A Bennett 0
Capt C J Baker 2 Reverend E B Mackay 0
  27   4

In 1906 the secretary was Colonel F Gossett, Watlington, Wallingford. A 9-hole course on Ewelme Common. Amateur  course record holder was Lester Palmer with a score of 39. Visitors’ fees on introduction were 1/- a day, 2/6 a week and 10/- a month, ladies and youths under 18 years of age 5/- a month. Stations at Watlington and Wallingford 4 miles away. Local hotels were the Greyhound at Ewelme and the Lamb and the George at Wallingford.

In 1914 the entry fees were 2/6. Subs for gents were £1/1/0 and ladies 10/6.

Thanks to Mark Hughesdon for his help with both the Ewelme and Wallingford clubs.  

Ewelme Golf Club, Wallingford. Location of ther former golf course.

Location of the Ewelme golf course.

Grid reference SU65010,90890, co-ordinates 465010,190890.

Ewelme golf course was appearing up until the 1970s. The common was used for grazing and was also noted for its rare flowers including a species of gentian and the bee-orchid. Unfortunately due to ploughing and cultivation the fairways and greens have disappeared; let’s hope the rare flowers have survived.