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Branston (Branstone) Golf Club, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs.

The Burton Golf Club moved to Branstone from Stapenhill in 1897 and stayed until 1907.

Result of a match played at Burton against Atherstone Golf Club in February 1898.

Burton Golf Club   Atherstone Golf Club  
H G Nadin  3 W J W Bourne 0
T Hartland 14 A W Phillips 0
H T Nadin 11 Rev C T Stephen 0
Rev G R Harrison 4 Dr Joy 0
W Ward 0 R H Robertson 3
G M Day 10 L E Bourne 0
  42   3

From 1899 to 1904 the secretary was Mr T Hartland. The treasurers were; R R Morley, 1899, G H Dudney, 1900, Rev G R Harrison, 1902 and W Lobb, 1904. In 1899 the entry fee was £1/1/0, subs £1/1/0, visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day. In 1904 subs were increased to £2/2/0.

On the 21st January 1899 a 36 hole match took place between Harry Vardon of Scarborough, the Open Champion, and A Lewis the local professional. Vardon won the match 6 and 5. Scores, Vardon, 76+78=154, Lewis, 84+77=161.

Below is the result of a one sided match played between Cannock Chase Golf Club and Burton on Trent Golf Club at Brocton on Saturday 3rd June 1899. 

Cannock Chase   Burton on Trent  
B Moore 11 H Trafford Nadin 0
Conway Morgan 1 H Beck 0
J G Gifford 2 A H Dudney 0
Rev F W Haden 2 J W Birrell 0
F J Nesbitt 8 W Ward 0
R H Hand 0 R J G Griffiths 0
H O Jones 2 F W Browne 0
  26   0

In 1907 Branstone Golf Club took over the course vacated by Burton Golf Club when they moved to Bretby. This course was situated in the vicinity of what is nowadays the Branston Depot. The Branstone club moved to a new location on the opposite side of the road in April 1911, this 9-hole fairly flat course was more of a challenge than the old one. There was an excellent clubhouse, formerly Beehive Farm, with accommodation for ladies and gents. The first tee was close to the entrance to the clubhouse. The clubhouse was requisitioned during WW1 and was probably used to house staff at the nearby ordinance depot. There were stations at Branstone ¼ mile and Burton-on-Trent 1 ½ miles away. A tram service ran to within a ¼ mile of the course.

From 1906 to 1908 the secretary was J Husband, 84 Malvern Street, Burton. The captain was H C Cherry and the professional was V Richards. Membership of 115 with 40 ladies. Entrance fee was 42/- for gents, 10/6 ladies, subs 30/- and 10/6 respectively.  A 9 hole course on pasture land with gravel soil and hazards of hedges, ditches and sunken trenches filled with sand. Course records; professional A Lewis 72, amateur F Ballingall 72. Visitors' fees 1/- a day, 4/- a week and 10/- a month.

The picture below shows golfers that played in a club match at Ashby-de-la-Zouch Golf Club (now defunct) against Branstone Golf Club on May 12th 1909. If anyone can identify any of the players please "Contact Us" through the website Home Page.


Branston (Branstone) Golf Club, Staffordshire. Team picture of Branstone and Ashby golfers.

Picture of the players who took part in the Ashby v Branstone match played on May 12th 1909. Image courtesy of the Ashby-de-la-Zouch Museum.


The following report regarding the “New Course” is from the Staffordshire Sentinel Monday 3rd April 1911:-

On Saturday afternoon the Mayor of Burton, Councillor Jenkins, formally opened the new course of the Branstone Golf Club in the presence of a large number of members and friends. The members have hitherto played on  the north side of Branstone Road, but having to give up the ground, they secured a site on the south side, and here a nine-hole course, with a charming outlook across the Trent to wooded Drakelow, has been formed, with an ample supply of natural bunkers. A big crowd of golfers lined up at the first tee as the Mayor came on to drive the first ball. Amid cheers the club’s chairman, Councillor Tarver, hoisted the new flag, and after an appropriate speech, presented the Mayor with a silver mounted cleek. His worship made an excellent drive, and was followed by Councillor Tarver, both of whom played a round of the course.   

In 1911 the professional was Tom Forrest.

In 1912 the secretary was A W Garrett.

Below is the result of a match played in May 1914 between Stapenhill Golf Club and Branstone Golf Club on the Stapenhill course for the “Robertson Cup”.

Stapenhill   Branstone  
H Faulkner (half) 0 R F Peach (half) 0
H Tooby 0 H H Cornforth (2&1) 1
W Lambrick (4&3) 1 A Fox 0
G H Wheway (6&5) 1 J A Sadler 0
A Dodsworth (5&4) 1 W Renwick 0
Dr C Thompson (5&4) 1 A E Birch 0
G R Sparrow (3&2) 1 H S Tebbitt 0
Read Samble (2&1) 1 H Mayger 0
J Dunnicliff (8&7) 1 G B Hesp 0
H White (5&4) 1 A E Brown 0
T E Hanson 0 A West (8&7) 1
F Robinson 0 T S Joyce (2&1) 1
J C Bullock (4&2) 1 F W Platts 0
A J Feeny 0 J J Henderson (5&4) 1
  9   4

In 1914 the secretary was A E Brown, Torrington House, Branstone Road, Burton on Trent. The professional was James Thorburn, who had joined the club in 1911, he stayed until 1914, he was previously at Lenzie Golf Club. The club had a membership of 100. Entry fee for gents was £1/1/0 and ladies 10/6d. Subs for gents were £1/10/0 and ladies 15/-.  Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, Sunday 1/6d, 4/- a week, 10/- a month. Sunday play was allowed without caddies.

The Captain's Cup competition was played at Branstone on Saturday 9th May 1914, there were 22 entries. There was a tie for first place with J A Sadler and W Renwick scoring 82 net; F W Platts scored 83, and H H Cornforth, 86.

Result of a club match played at Tamworth Golf Club in March 1913.


Tamworth   Branstone  
A E Smith (captain) 0 J J Henderson (1up) 1
J W Colley 0 R F Peach (3&2) 1
Rev D Fraser 0 J W D Wyley (5&3) 1
S S Mundy (3&1) 1 H G Abraham 0
W T Oliver 0 W Renwick (2&1) 1
L J Owen 0 H Beasley (3&1) 1
R P Percival (5&4) 1 A E Birch 0
J E Combe 0 J A Sadler (2&1) 1
H V Argyle (4&2) 1 H S Tebbitt 0
R H Hicklin (4&3) 1 H Mayger 0
  4   6


Branston Golf Club. Location of the course 1900s.

The Old Golf House on Branston Road, it continued with the name until 1970, the building still stands today and is a private residence. In the 1900s it was “close to the first tee”, some way from the current course. The earlier Burton/Branstone course (1897 to 1911) was to the north near Branston Depot.

Grid reference (clubhouse) SK23620,21195, co-ordinates 423620,321195.

The Google Map below pinpoints the former clubhouse.



The current Branston (note new spelling) Golf Club was founded in the mid 1970s. When new owners took over in the 1990s the name was changed to The Branston Golf and Country Club.