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Staffordshire Golf Club.

Founded in 1891.

The course was laid out on Stafford Common.

The club had a relatively short life, closing in the mid to late 1890s.

From the Staffordshire Advertiser Saturday 28th March 1891; “The Staffordshire Golf Club – We are glad to hear that this newly formed club is progressing satisfactorily. Since the formation at the beginning of the year there has been a steady augmentation in the number of members, and play on the links on the Common has been actively engaged in, and many of the novices have already become very fine players. The annual general meeting of the members was held at the Club-rooms, the Common, on Tuesday afternoon, when the principal business was the passing of rules submitted by the committee. Capt. the Hon. G A Anson presided, and, after a short discussion, the rules, which are those of the St Anne’s Golf Club, with slight modifications to adapt them to the Common Links, were approved. The hon. secretary, Mr Conway Morgan, announced that the number of members had now reached 70. The links, it is announced, will be available for play up to the 14th April, after which they will be closed until July.”

At the end of August 1894 the members of the Staffordshire and South Staffordshire Golf Clubs met on Penn Common for the challenge cup presented by Lord Dartmouth. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good with strong winds, due to this only five players entered from the visiting club, while South Staffordshire had seventeen.

On Saturday 30th March 1895, on the Stafford course, the home team had a decisive victory over their Wolverhampton opponents by 47 to nil. The course was wet, and some of the greens very sticky, while at the second and third holes there was a good deal of surface water.

Staffordshire Golf Club   South Staffordshire Golf Club  
C S Hayward 7 M Wilkie 0
C Morgan 12 R T Smith 0
H Gardner 4 A R Irvine 0
A Finch 7 T S Lewis 0
C A W Gilbert 8 Wilson Lovatt 0
E W Burnett 4 Victor Hickman 0
A Weekes 5 R W Lewis 0
  47   0


Staffordshire Golf Club, Stafford Common. Competition results from April 1895.

From the Birmingham Daily Post Thursday 4th April 1895. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Due to the grazing rights on the course many members became disillusioned and joined the nearby Cannock Chase Golf Club (also now defunct.)

This was not the end of golf on Stafford Common as the Stafford Artisans was formed prior to WW1 (see Kingston Hill Golf Club).