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Coventry Golf Club, Whitley Common.

The club was founded 1887.

Originally a nine-hole it was eventually extended to twelve-holes. The course was situated on Whitley Common. It continued at this location until 1912.


Coventry Golf Club, Whitley Common. Entry from the Golfing Annual 1888/89.

Entry from the Golfing Annual 1888/89.


Below is the result of a match played against Oxford University on Monday 14th March 1892 at Oxford. 

Oxford University   Coventry  
H J Wigham 0 Harold Smith 2
W D Davidson 9 A Rotherham 0
H Nicholls 10 F C Hunter Blair 0
F H Stewart 0 H Rotherham 6
C F Balfour 1 H W Bainbridge 0
P Balfour 0 W Hillman 0
L Armistead 2 T Latham 0
A R Hamilton 0 Rev F R Evans 1
A Pelham 0 J Powers 7
T Smythe 0 F A Moncrief 2
  22   18

Result of the monthly cup played on Wednesday 27th October 1897, ten cards were taken out with four returned; G G Brodie, 87-9-78; T Latham, 86-7-79; H J Nutt, 89-9-80; Harold Smith, 90-5-85. Miss Rotherham’s silver buckle was played for on the ladies’ course and was won by Miss Mayfield with a score of 1down. 

Below is the result of a match played at Coventry against Wolverhampton Golf Club (now defunct) in May 1899. 

Coventry Golf Club   Wolverhampton (District) Golf Club  
F M G Abell M Wilkie  0
Hugh Rotherham  0 T N Fowke 2
Kenneth Rotherham  D B W Lamb 0
G F Twist  C Elwell 
H Smith D A E Chesshire  0
W Hillman 6 A C Cozens-Hardy 
G Hume  11 R J Lawrence 
R A Rotherham  2 Rupert Smith 
M Brown  Dr Edge  0
Kevitt Rotherham 1 H B L Atkinson  0
S Cash  7 C T Mander
  43   2

In the early 1900s a prominent fixture at the club was an Amateur versus Professional competition. This was the brainchild of H W Bainbridge a Warwickshire County cricketer and also keen golfer. The teams were drawn from clubs within the county. There was usually a keen following on the course, although the weather in May 1900 when the match below was played was very wet and windy and it put many spectators off. As can be seen the match was a very one sided affair, the professionals triumphed in every game, not sure what handicap system, if any, was in operation.

Amateurs   Professionals  
H W Bainbridge 0 G H Causey 8
E F Chance 0 T Williamson 8
J A F Moncrieff 0 J Sherlock 3
S W Clive 0 F Wingate 9
F M G Abell 0 W Lewis 5
S Baldwin 0 A Fowler 2
V H Jepson 0 L G Ross 3
J A Fairhurst 0 C Wingate 3
H Rotherham 0 C Veness 9
G W Blythwayte 0 A Lewis 4
F J March 0 W Hutchings 3
F R Burrow 0 A Bell 7
  0   64

Result of a one sided match played at Coventry against Kenilworth on Wednesday 12th September 1900. 

Coventry   Kenilworth  
W Hillman 6 P Homfray 0
H Robertson 2 E Matterson 0
S Cash 0 H Smith-Turberville 0
F Smith 4 F Pearson 0
R Hill 10 J Kinmond 0
J Fenton 4 J A T Woodward 0
  26   0

 Below is the result of a match played against at Kings Norton on Tuesday 18th September 1900.  

King's Norton   Coventry  
S Baldwin 0 P A Adams 0
C A Palmer 2 N A Stebbing 0
A G Brinton 0 Harold Smith 2
J O Walford 0 G B Sanderson 1
T Homer 0 S Cash 1
H S Player 5 A Pearson 0
W A Crosbee 5 R Hill 0
H Clark 3 Harry Smith 0
H E Cashmore 0 H N Smith 0
  15   4

Result of the monthly cup played on the Whitley course on Wednesday 26th September 1900; W R Monahan, 98-22-76; H W Bainbridge, 81-2-79; H R Hands, 93-14-79; J Powers, 91-11-80; M A Stebbing, 88-5-83; W Hillman, 90-6-84; H Smith-Turberville, 94-10-84; H Smith, 90-6-84.


Coventry Golf Club, Warwickshire. Article from The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News October 1901.


Coventry Golf Club, Warwickshire. Article from The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News October 1901.

From The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News October 26th 1901. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The following is from the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1887; Membership of 130; Hon. Sec. Harold Smith, Pinley House, Coventry; Captain, Sydney Cash; Entrance Fee £2/2s and Subs £2/2s; Eighteen-holes; Amateur record - F W Clive, 75, October 19th 1904; Fixtures – September, Hillman Cup; October, Bogey Challenge Cup; April, Gold Medal (scratch), Silver Challenge Bowl; May Adams Challenge Cup; last Wednesday in the month Club Cup; Visitors’ 1s a day, 5s a week, 10s a month, (must be introduced.) The course is of a very sporting character. Careless shots are badly punished in the numerous hazards, which are well situated. The greens are very good, but the lies through the green are not always of the best. The length of the holes is good, and the two short holes are very interesting. The steward lives in the clubhouse, which is not large, but very comfortable and convenient, being close to the first tee. The Ladies’ club play over the same course – in some cases from different tees. They have a separate clubhouse. Local hotels; King’s Head, Queens, Craven Arms.

Listed separately was the Coventry Ladies’ Club; Instituted 1892; Membership of 60; Hon. Sec. Miss Fenette Smith, Pinley House, Coventry; Captain, Miss Pridmore; Entrance Fee 5s and Subs 10s/6d; Eighteen-holes.


Coventry Golf Club. Location of the former Whitley Common golf course.

Location of the earlier Coventry course on Whitley Common. Grid reference SP34635,77045, co-ordinates 434635,277045.