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Alcester. (1892 - WW2)

Founded in 1892 the course was situated between the villages of Alcester  and Arrow. A 9 hole course with hazards of  hedges ditches and watercourses. The Great Western and Midland stations were ½ mile away. The Swan Hotel offered good accommodation and first class meals at moderate charges and was only a five minute walk to the golf course. Sunday play was not allowed prior to WW1.

Below, result of a match played at Pershore (also defunct) in March 1894. 

Pershore Golf Club   Alcester Golf Club  
A E Baker 5 Mr Chance 0
J G Baker 2 E E Jephcott 0
Dr Fisher 0 Mr Williams 4
R J Dorrell 13 Mr James 0
J Mytton 0 Mr Page 3
Dr J G Rusher 3 H Overbury 0
  23   7

Result of another match played at Pershore on Saturday 13th April 1895 which resulted in a heavy defeat for Alcester. It should have been a six a side match but Alcester only sent four players. 

Pershore Golf Club   Alcester Golf Club  
A E Baker 8 A E Williams 0
J G Baker 5 A M Chance 0
R J Dorrell 0 E Jephcott 1
C T Smith 6 Mr Williams 0
  19   1

Below, result of a match played against Bromsgrove at Alcester on Saturday 4th March 1899. 

Alcester Golf Club   Bromsgrove Golf Club  
E T Neale 7 F J Russon 0
G W Hinwood 4 M W Grafton 0
T F Woolley 10 J H Ludlow 0
H Overbury 0 T Horton 5
P H Hales 0 G H Wall 5
  21   10

Below is the result of a match played on Saturday 20th July 1901 at Coventry Hearsall Golf Club. 

Hearsall Golf Club   Alcester Golf Club  
H E Cashmore 0 W Gardner 1
Harry Smith 7 E Jephcott 0
W E Ward 0 G Lightfoot 5
A J Makepeace 7 J Yates 0
J Hudson 7 R G Coathupe 0
  21   6

On Saturday 20th February 1904 Alcester visited Stratford, result below. 

Stratford Golf Club   Alcester Golf Club  
D B Sanders 0 G Lightfoot 1
S Flower 1 W S Whitehouse 0
T H Lloyd 1 J H Whitehouse 0
Rev R G Philpott 1 A L Chance 0
M H Ashwin 1 R G Coathupe 0
T F Norbury 1 C E James 0
J Stevenson 0 J H Henderson 1
  5   2

In 1906 visitors’ fees on introduction by a member, were 1/-a day, 2/6 a week and 5/- a month.

Below is the result of a match played at Alcester against Northfield Golf Club on Saturday 17th April 1909.

Alcester Golf Club   Northfield Golf Club  
W Gardner (5&4) 1 J H Reece 0
Rev G B Riddell (1up) 1 R L Meats 0
E Gardner (6&5) 1 W J Lowe 0
G Lightfoot senior (2&1) 1 G B Harper 0
R G Coathupe (3&2) 1 O J Chambers 0
H P Peacock 0 E W Lewis (2up) 1
J T Palmer 0 J A Garland (7&5) 1
G Lightfoot junior (2&1) 1 H T Phipson 0
  6   2

In 1914 club membership was 40. There was no entry fee, subs for gents were £1/1/0 and ladies 10/6.

In 1924 membership was 50 and visitors fees were 2/- a day on introduction.

From1925 to the mid 1930s membership peaked at 50 in the early 1930s and visitors fees were reduced to 1/- a day on introduction.

In 1935 the SSS was 70. In 1938 the SSS was amended to 72.


Location of the Alcester Golf Club course.

Location of the Alcester course. Grid reference SP08075,57210, co-ordinates 408075,257210.



Alcester Golf Club disappeared following WW2.