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Arden Golf Club, Solihull, Warwickshire.

Founded 1891. A 9 hole flat course on gravel soil. The GWR station adjoined the course.

The following is a report from the Birmingham Daily Post in July 1893. The Reverend Canon Evans was concerned about young men spending time on the Arden golf links when they should have been at school or work “The golf club, he believed, was responsible for the non-attendance of many boys. Young gentlemen who were supposed to be in business in Birmingham seemed to be able to play upon the golf ground from early morn to dewy eve. Every gentleman wanted an attendant, and little boys were admitted to the ground, and were paid small sums of money 3d, 6d or 1/-and the consequence was they sometimes had thirty or forty boys away from school. He hoped parents would face up and make sure their boys attend school regularly”

  Secretary Professional
1891-1895   James Cunningham
1896/7   G Whiting
1897-1902   J W Whiting
1902-1905   James Adwick
1905/6   G Dukes
1914 S P Leitner  

Below is the result of a match played against Kenilworth Golf Club at Solihull on Saturday 15th October 1892.

Arden   Kenilworth  
F A Bainbridge 6 T Latham 0
O Airy 5 V Jepson 0
Rev G W Barnard 0 Dr E K Bourne 4
A E W Browne 3 H R Hands 0
A G Tonks 4 J Sidebottom 0
J F Wright 5 C G Middleton 0
  23   4

In September 1893 Arden, in this match called Solihull, played a match against Tanworth at Solihull. Result below.

Solihull   Tanworth  
F A Bainbridge(captain) 3 Hon. and Rev R C Moncrieffe 0
O Airy 11 Rev G W Barnard (captain) 0
A E Wilson-Browne 4 A J Moncrieffe 0
M C Lord 3 C G Graham 0
H H Wright 2 W J Burman 0
  23   0

Below is the result of a club match played at the Arden Club in October 1893 against Barton under Needwood Golf Club (also now defunct).

Arden   Barton-under-Needwood  
F A Bainbrisge 4 C Palmer 0
O (G) Airy 3 A H Palmer 0
A E Wilson-Browne 0 P S White 0
A G Tonks 2 A R White 0
  9   0

Below, result of a match played at Kidderminster on Saturday 15th April 1899. 

Kidderminster   Arden  
J P Humphries 0 H W Bainbridge 2
W R Nash 0 A G Tonks 1
W H Grazebrook 8 M C Lord 0
G Grindley 0 A E Wilson-Browne 1
C K Harrison 2 H H Wright 0
E C Corbett 1 M Lindner 0
A C Oldham 8 C Wade 0
  19   4

In 1914 the club had a membership of about 100. Entry fees for gents were £3/3/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Subs for gents were £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees on introduction were 1/- a day, 2/6 a day at week-end, 5/- a week, 10/- a month. Sunday play was allowed without caddies.

The result below is interesting, it’s a match played between the Hampton Golf Club and Hearsall Golf Club in June 1914. It was reported as being played at Hampton-in-Arden. The course shown on the map below was appearing on maps up to WW2. No evidence has so far been found of a course at Hampton-in-Arden. 

Hampton   Hearsall  
G W Harriden 0 A B McLean (4&3) 1
F G Cross 0 W C Hunter (5&4) 1
B Evans 0 J Wormell (4&2) 1
H Sydenham (half) 0 A G Hadden (half) 0
G Senior (2&1) 1 R Wormell 0
H Burrill (3&1) 1 T Hancox 0
F Trusty 0 R H Tilt (5&4) 1
P Mantle (4&3) 1 J Haymes 0
D N Barrs (half) 0 B Hirons (half) 0
E G Bryant 0 J Simpson (4&2) 1
G Chambers 1 W Bednell 0
O Hauser 1 M Barron 0
  5   5



Location of the Arden Golf Club course.

Location of the Arden course at Solihull, the course was still appearing in the 1930s. Grid reference SP14000,79760, co-ordinates 414000,279760.