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Coventry Hearsall Golf Club.

The club was founded in 1894.

The original 9-hole course was situated on Hearsall Common which brought with it the usual problems of grazing animals, picnickers and walkers. Building was not allowed on common land, so in stepped George Gilbert a founder member who owned land adjoining the course and he allowed a clubhouse to be built on the fields. 

The club continued on the common until 1911 when it moved to Beechwood Avenue, its present site.

On Tuesday 9th October 1900 Coventry Hearsall entertained Ward End on Hearsall Common, it was the first match of the season for the Ward End Club. Result below. 

Hearsall   Ward End  
Mr Sanderson 4 J E Burgum 0
Mr Morris 0 W Heath 3
A Hill 0 P Campbell 2
Mr Smith 0 A W Robson 4
Mr Worwood 1 H V Titmus 0
Mr Ward 0 J Westwood 1
Mr Makepeace 0 H W Pooler 5
  5   15

 Below is the result of a match played on Saturday 20th July 1901 at Coventry against Alcester. 

Hearsall   Alcester  
H E Cashmore 0 W Gardner 1
Harry Smith 7 E Jephcott 0
W E Ward 0 G Lightfoot 5
A J Makepeace 7 J Yates 0
J Hudson 7 R G Coathope 0
  21   6

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1895; Hon Sec., A Bruce- Moore, Hampton House, Chapel Fields, Coventry; Captain, A J Makepeace; Entrance Fee nil and Subs £1/11s/6d; Twelve-holes; Professional, J Cunninghame; Professional record, J Cunninghame 73; Amateur record, C B Sanderson 77; Visitors’ 1s day, 2s/6d a month. The course is situated in an elevated position overlooking Coventry. The land is common land. The hazards and bunkers are natural, the former consisting of ditches, the latter of furze. 

Result of a first team match played on the Hearsall Common course against Ladbrook Park Golf Club in October 1911.

Hearsall   Ladbrook Park  
C D Pole 0 E Spencer (4&2) 1
C E Cox (2&1) 1 W McAlpine 0
L Cartwright (5&4) 1 G Longland 0
W J Wormell 0 W C Belvoir (5&4) 1
A G Hadden (4&2) 1 H C Church 0
G H Frost (3&2) 1 W J Riley 0
J McCuaig 0 W F Cutler (6&5) 1
G W Harriden (half) 0 O H Russ (half) 0
W Franks 0 E A Taylor (5&4) 1
R Wormell (2&1) 1 A B Matthews 0
  5   4

The second team played at Ladbrook Park, result below.

Ladbrook Park   Hearsall  
A Hill 0 C J Kaye (3&2) 1
W G Stewart 0 W Bennett (2&1) 1
F H Thomason (3&2) 1 J Holt 0
H R Grifffin (3&2) 1 J Budge 0
E Larkam (2&1) 1 D Sharp 0
W Harvey Gibbs (4&3) 1 M Holmes 0
H K Patterson (5&4) 1 T D Griffiths 0
E Squires 0 J Simpson (2up) 1
T H Dean (5&3) 1 J Baker 0
H B Griffin (6&4) 1 H A Bullock 0
  7   3


Coventry Hearsall Golf Club. Location of the former course on the common.

Location of the Hearsall course on the common, early 1900s. Grid reference SP31060,78520, co-ordinates 431060,278520.