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Harton Moor Golf Club, Durham.

First appeared in the early 1920s.  An 18-hole course with a SSS of 71 situated near Cleadon Park. There was an initial membership of 370 peaking at 400 in the mid 1920s and decreasing to 350 by closure. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 2/6 a day at weekend and Bank Holiday, 7/6 a week 12/6 a fortnight and £1 a month. Sunday play was allowed without caddies. The station at South Shields was 2 miles away there was also a Tram service which had a stop at the clubhouse. Local hotel was the Royal. By the late 1920s the address was given as Harton Moor Golf Club, Cleadon Park Estate and in 1940 Harton Moor Golf Club, King George Road.

  Secretary Professional/Greenkeeper
1923 John Bell, 28 Banbury Terrace, Weston, Sth Shields. W S Lindsay (g)  
1920s(mid) W B Mullion, 14 Poplar Grove, Cleadon Park, SS.  
1924/5   J W Thompson (p) R Mawby (g)
1925/6   G Tully (p) R Mawby (g)
1920s -40 J Bell, 28 Banbury Terrace, Westoe, South Shields. A Sigsworth (g)
1930-33   H Lawson (p)
1940   A Robertson (p)


  Course records
1920s (mid) W H Myers (amateur) 74 J W Thompson (pro) 70.
1920s (late) C Donovan (am) 73
1940 J Waller junior (am) 68

It was reported in January 1928 that George Tully, the Harton Moor professional, had been appointed professsional to Benton Park Golf Club, Newcastle.

Below is the result of a North-East Durham League match played at Whitburn in May 1937.

Whitburn Golf Club   Harton Moor Golf Club  
W Lewis 1 W L Little 0
W Lamb 0 C Constable 1
H B Robson 0 T Ramshay 1
H Anderson 1 J Waller 0
S Grabham 1 J Atkinson 0
R T Procter 0 I Clark 1
  3   3

In addition to the above the following social foursome matches were played.

Whitburn Golf Club   Harton Moor Golf Club  
T P Dodds & G A Lawson 0 J Ainsworth & A Chamberlain 1
J M Dalzell & C Thompson 0 H Rowlands & J Bailey 1
J R Porter & M Stern 0 G Carney & F Moat 1
C Murray & N Maw 1 G Shipley & M Coverdale 0
J Maw & A Garrick 1 R Christerson & T C Tate 0
T Stewart & A Nixon 1 R Christerson jun & W Crabtree 0
T Armstrong & S Nicholson 1 J Cox & H Gash 0
E Maw & J Hudson 1 H Allchin & J R Clark 0
  5   3

Result of a Durham League match played on Wednesday 10th May 1939 against Seaham Harbour Golf Club.

Harton Moor Golf Club   Seaham Harbour Golf Club  
T Ramshay 1 K Martin 0
C Constable 1 N Jackson 0
A Anderson 1 J Turnbull 0
L Little 1 G A Waugh 0
I Clark 1 A N Atkins 0
N Reavley 1 J Hart 0
  6   0

Result of a mixed foursome competition played on Saturday 20th May 1939; Mrs Beveridge & J Waller, 86-22-64; Miss Waller & Ivor Clarke, 89-20-69; Miss Fryar & P Jueft, 82-11-71; Miss Adamson & J Bailey, 92-20-72; Miss R Robson & H Smith, 93-21-72; Mrs Watson & W Robson, 99-27-72; Miss Strother & W Kemp, 87-14-72.

Resultof a stroke competition played on Saturday 3rd June 1939; J Waller, 79-8-71; C Constable, 76-4-72; H Richardson, 79-7-72. 

Harton Moor Golf Clubs final appearance was in 1940.

Harton Moor Golf Club, County Durham. Location of the course.

The above map shows Harton Moor and King George Road; unfortunately no golf course is marked. The course must have been in this vicinity. Any help with the exact location would be appreciated.

Grid reference NZ36940,64535, co-ordinates 436940,564535.