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Brookdale (Clayton) Golf Club, Manchester.

Founded 1896 as Clayton Golf Club.

The 9-hole course had a SSS of 68 and Par of 70. Membership of 100 to 180. Brookdale Golf Club first appeared in 1906 and was situated at Lord Lane, Failsworth. The railway station (L&YR) was 5 minutes away.

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played on July 13th 1899 at Clayton against Failsworth. 

Clayton   Failsworth  
Miss L Brundrett 0 Miss Beattie 5
Miss M Brundrett 9 Mrs Moore 0
Miss Esplin 6 Miss A Beattie 0
Miss K Brundrett 3 Miss Newton 0
Miss Scott 0 Miss Scottt 2
Mrs Grimshaw 2 Miss E Beattie 0
  20   7

Below is the result of a match played against Failsworth at Clayton in July 1901. 

Clayton   Failsworth  
H Brundret 8 A O Ferguson 0
J Brundret 1 A Taylor 0
L Gaisman 4 G E Ferguson 0
S Dreyfus 0 W Crossley 6
E Wray 0 R Lakin 2
T Hewlett 0 P Hughes 2
V Eva 0 D Pagan 12
  13   22

Result of a match played against Failsworth (also defunct) in July 1909.

Brookdale   Failsworth  
H Brundret 1 A Taylor 0
J A Dyson 0 A O Ferguson 0
F E Gilder 0 W A Storey 0
A G Worthington 1 H Ingham 0
H Connally 0 C Cooper 1
C E Ward 0 J Edge 1
J W Linney 1 J Hood 0
T Johnson 0 F J Grinrod 0
C E Swales 0 H Dunkerley 1
G Birchenall 0 K L Lawson 1
J Smith 1 G Howarth 0
S Hoskisson 1 W A Taylor 0
  5   4

Result of the second monthly competition for Mr T Johnson’s prize played on Saturday 13th November 1909; H Brundret, 78nett, C P Senior, 80nett; J A Dyson, 81nett; G A Hartley, 84nett; C E Swales, 85nett; A G Worthington, 87nett; S Hoskisson, 90nett; J Lees, 92nett; W A Copper, 92nett; J Bridge, 92nett; C Linney, 93nett; C Godbert, 96nett.

The final for a prize given by Mr C W Godbert was played on Saturday 23rd September 1911, leading scores; W A Copper, all square; J A Dyson, 2down; G A Hartley, 3down; C E Swales, 3down; H Barratt, 4down; S Hoskisson, 5down; C Rothwell, 5down.  

Result of a competition held in February 1914 for a prize presented by Mr William Birkbeck; Mr George Hartley, 87-11-76; T W Robinson, 92-13-79; R L Harrison, 99-18-81; J A Dyson, 88-5-83; James Lees, 98-15-83; W C Copper, 93-7-86; C Rothwell, 98-11-87; C P Senior, 100-12-88.

Result of a competition in March 1914 for a prize presented by Mr J Walton; C Rothwell, 91-9-82; A G Worthington, 91-6-85; H Barratt, 99-14-85; R L Harrison, 103-18-85; C E Swales, 97-10-87. Bogey score 78.

  Secretary Professional/Greenkeeper
1907-11   Harry E Roffe (p)
1914 C E Swales, Mount Vernon, Clayton Bridge.  
1920s (early) J Barratt, Mount Vernon, Clayton Bridge.  
1922   H Stansfield (g)
1923/4   D Heraghty (g)
1924 H Wolstencroft, Holly Bank House, Clayton Bridge.  
1925-27 J W Lee, 19 Bedford Avenue, Whalley Bridge.  
1925   H Whittaker (g)
1926-28   J C Moss (g)
1920s (late) G A Taylor, 58 Daisy Bank, Newton Heath. S Marsh (g)
1947 A Owen, 4 Wright Srteet, Failsworth. J Fleming (p) M Greenwood (g)
1956-60 A R Latham, 141 Cultheth Lane, Newton Heath. J Collinge (p&g)

Result of a competition played in 1920; H B Lockwood, 94-12-82; W Jackson, 90-7-83; J Barratt, 91-4-87; G Jackson, 98-11-87; J Hart, 101-14-87; H Barratt, 93-4-89. The gross prize was won by H Saul, 89.

In 1922/3 the amateur course record holder was H Saul 72. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and 2/6 a week.

Below is the result of a match played against Blackley in July 1926.

Brookdale   Blackley  
W A Copper 1 J Carr 0
A Moore 0 C G Stevens 1
G Jackson 0 C Weatherilt 1
T Jackson 0 R Briggs 1
H Barratt 1 E B Shepherd 0
H Lee 0 W Ormrod 1
W C Barnes 1 F Fitzpatrick 0
R Taylor 0 J L Barker 1
A Blackburn 0 F Bowman 1
G A Hartley (half) 0 C Teggins (half) 0
C E Swales 0 E Banks 1
H Taylor 1 G J Irving 0
J Lee 0 F G Percival 1
G Sudren 0 J Latham 1
  4   9

Result of a ladies’ competition for a prize given by Mrs H Taylor played in July 1926; Miss Sudren, 89-20-69; Miss Birkbeck, 95-24-71; Miss M Livesey, 92-18-74; Mrs Crawshaw, 103-26-77; Miss A Livesey, 106-26-80.

In the late 1920s and 1940s visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day and 7/6 a week.

In the late 1950s the professional course record was held by  J Fleming 66. Visitors’ fees were 3/- a day.

Following WW2 moves were afoot to develop the course for housing. With land prices on the rise the club reluctantly decided to move to a new home and the Lord Lane course disappeared.

Brookdale (Clayton) Golf Club, Manchester. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the earlier Brookdale course.

Grid reference SD89400,00600, co-ordinates 389400,400600.



The club moved to its present location in 1960.