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Davenport Golf Club, Stockport.

Founded 1913 by a group of friends called the” Niblicks” who would play for fun on designated grassy areas. They decided to become a bit more organized and eventually found a home. The original 9 hole course was at Garners Lane off  Bramhall Lane and play continued there until the late 1960s. Once again the housing developers moved in and the land was eventually sold. The club played its final competition at Garners Lane in September 1973.


Davenport Golf Club, Stockport. Club button dated 1916.

Davenport Golf Club button. Image Courtesy of GolfTracer


However, evidence has been found of an earlier Davenport Club. It was reported in January 1908 that the annual meeting for the club was held on Saturday 25th January. The annual report was produced to show that the club was prospering, on the year’s working there was a balance of £60. The club had a membership of 117 gentlemen and 55 ladies. The course had been improved which had resulted in a higher turnout of players. It’s possible that this earlier club could have played on the course which was later occupied by the Mirrlees Club, which is now also defunct, see separate entry for Mirrlees for the course location.

Following is the result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 7th March 1908, bogey score was 78; William Meadows, 93-16-77; G A Orme, 96-15-81; J T Smith, 90-6-84; R Hyde, 103-18-85; F Robinson, 103-18-85; J Longson, 99-13-86; W S Whitfield, 108-20-88; E Beswick, 105-16-89; H Dillason, 109-18-91; B Sellars, 109-18-91; J J Battersby, 112-18-94; W Bancroft, 114-20-94.

Result of the monthly medal for July 1908; F O S Leek, 82-7-75; N H Smith, 85-9-76; A Gastall, 88-10-78; T E Forster; 96-16-80; J Howie Smith, 85-4-81; A E Daniels, 88-7-81; A Briggs, 89-8-81; R Hyde, 95-14-81; G A Orme, 94-12-82; M F Hickey, 101-18-83; J A Stott, 98-13-85; W Ralphs, 103-18-85; W Bancroft, 108-20-88; H E Corbin, 108-18-90. 

Result of the Captain’s Prize played in June 1940; F W Fryer, 76-13-63; F W Hay, 82-14-68; H Brown, 80-11-69; E J Cutler, 84-14-70; R B Whitfield, 84-14-70; O Barker, 89-19-70; A Booth, 87-16-71; R F Durose, 77-5-72; F G Glew, 81-9-72; R Bardsley, 82-10-72; R S Wood, 77-4-73.

Davenport Golf Club, Stockport. Location of the golf course.

Location of the former Davenport course.

Grid reference SJ89460,88050, co-ordinates 389460,388050.

The current club is situated at Worth Hall Farm in Poynton.