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Appleby Golf Club, Cumbria.

Founded in 1894.

The club first played on a course at Minsceugh Moor on the Colby side of town, the club moved to its present location on Brackenber Moor in 1903.

The first monthly competition for the President's Challenge Cup was played in April 1895, result as follows; W Heelis, 81 net; A C Whitehead, 82; G H Heelis, 83; F Chatfield, 85; E A Heelis, 86; W Salkeld, 87; Dr Stephenson, 88. Several other scores were over 100 net or no return.

On Thursday the 24th February 1898 the following interesting competitions were held at the club. Gents driving competition; R E Leach, 173 yards; F Chatfield, 172 yards; A C Whitehead, 161 yards; Sergeant Pritchard, 160 yards; W Salkeld, 159 yards; E A Heelis, 149 yards; Ladies competition, Miss M Heelis, 96 yards; Mrs Heelis, 79 yards; Mrs low, 59 yards; Mrs Leach, 50 yards. There was also an approach and putting competition, A C Whithead won the gents, Miss M Heelis won the ladies.

Competition results from May 1898; Handicap stroke competition for ladies, prize presented by Mr Rivington, was won by Mrs E A Heelis; handicap stroke competition for ladies, prize presented by Mr Chatfield, won by Miss Charnley; handicap stroke competition for men, prize presented by Mr Leach, was won by Mr A C Whitehead; driving competition for men, prize presented by Mr Whitehead, won by  Mr F Wybergh; Approaching and putting for men, prize given by Mr Salkeld, won by  Mr A C Whitehead; driving competition for ladies, prize given by Mr P Rowlandson, won by Miss Marion Heelis; ladies approaching and putting, prize given by Mr Rivington was also won by Miss M Heelis, but she generously returned the prize to the committee because she had already won one tournament that day. The President’s Cup for gents, for the best eight scores during the season, was won by Mr A C Whitehead, the ladies’ President’s cup went to Miss Marion Heelis.

Result of a competition played in April 1902; Sergeant-Instructor R Pritchard, 94-14-80; A C Whitehead, 98-14-84; F Chatfield, 103-12-91; J Halifax, 96-4-92; H Boaxman, snr., 117-24-93; F Messenger, 131-38-93; N Longrigg, 111-12-99; J Messenger, 141-38-103.

In May 1902, the President's Cup, played for annually, was won by Sergeant-Instructor R Pritchard, the runner-up was F Chatfield.

The monthly medal for February 1903 was won by Mr A C Whitehead, runner-up was Dr. de Montmorency.

The current course opened in November 1903.


Location of the Appleby Golf Club course 1890s.

Location of the first Appleby course in the 1890s laid out to the west of the town.

Grid reference NY67225,19585, co-ordinates 367225,519585.