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Ulverston Golf Club, Cumbria.

Founded 1895. The original course was situated at Outrake, to the north east of Out Rake Plantation. The club moved to its present location in 1910.

Result of a match played on  25th June 1898 at Grange.

Grange   Ulverston  
J Askew 3 T W Mason 0
T H Wilson 1 J Swan 0
W Till 0 J Hodgson junr 0
J H Wilson 4 S H Jackson 0
T Rigg 3 F Booth 0
A A Slack 0 J H Park 1
J H Midgley 0 E L Tosh 5
R H Beardsley 7 T Parkinson 0
  18   6

Below is the result of a match against Grange-over-Sands played at Ulverston on Saturday 15th July 1899. 

Ulverston   Grange  
J A Kitchin 0 T H Wilson 7
E L Tosh 0 W Till 13
J Myerscough 0 A Firth 5
T W Mason 0 J H Midgley 0
J H Park 4 W Mylrea 0
J Fletcher 0 J E Higgin 5
J Parkinson 1 T Rigg 0
  5   30

In 1906 the secretary was J H Park, Shannon House, Ulverston. The captain was John Fletcher who also set the amateur course record with a score of 75 in 1908, the previous 9 hole record was held by J L Rowley 34,  in 1906. A 9 hole course with walls as the chief hazard there were fine views of the hills and the Lake District. Entry fee was 21/- and subs 21/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 3/6 a week and 10/6 a month.

In 1907/8 the secretary was Fred Booth, Cambrian Place, Ulverston.