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Hawkhurst Golf Club, Kent.

Founded 1913 the secretary at this time was Frank Springett, “Ashfield”, Hawkhurst and the professional was George Mann (1913 to 1917). A 9 hole course with a membership of 80. Entry fee was £1/1/0 and subs £2/2/0. Visitors’ fees on introduction were 2/- a day. Sunday play without caddies was allowed after 1pm.

In the mid 1920s and early 1930s the secretary was Lt Com W Morley RN, Fothersby, Hawkhurst, telephone 72 the professional was J B Saunders and the greenkeeper A Sinden. Membership at this time was 70. The professional course record set by J B Saunders 66. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day (2/- late 1920s), 6/- (5/- late 1920s) for 3 consecutive days, 8/- (7/6 late 1920s) a week and 20/- a month. Sunday play was allowed. Local hotels were the Tudor Hall, Queens, Collingwood and the Royal Oak.

In 1935 the secretary was Com J Horsfield RN, Bayford House, Sandhurst, telephone 22. The professional and greenkeeper was J B Saunders. Membership had now reached 135.

Below is the result of a club match played against Lamberhurst at Hawkhurst on May 11th 1939.

Hawkhurst Golf Club   Lamberhurst Golf Club  
R A Harrison 1 H G Wallis 0
Comdr W Morley  1 Col H A Hanley 0
P R Guest 1 A Padgham 0
D R Murton-Neale 1 Capt V T G Hore 0
Col Davenport Jones 1 Rev G R Fothergill 0
J E Clarke 1 Col C E Kitchin 0
Miss P Braybrooke 1 Miss M Jose 0
Miss K Murton-Neale 1 Mrs Wimshurst 0
Mrs Ingram 1 Mrs Bostock 0
Mrs Murton-Neale 1 Mrs Morland 0
Miss M Dickson 0 Mrs Bland 1
Mrs Braybrooke 0 Mrs Ralling 1
Miss P Braybrooke & Harrison 1 Miss Jose & Wallis  0
Miss Murton-Neale & Morley 1 Mrs Wimshurst & Hanley 0
Mrs Ingram & Murton-Neale 1 Mrs Bostock & Padgham 0
Mrs Bletsoe & Guest 1 Mrs Morland & Hore 0
Miss Dickson & Major E Clarke 1 Mrs Ralling & Kitchin 0
Miss H Braybrooke & Major Bartlett 1 Miss Savill & Fothergill 0
  16   2

In 1940 the secretary was Captain E J Bedwell, R N, Pipsden Lodge, Hawkhurst, telephone 58. The professional and greenkeeper was still J B Saunders. 9 holes with a SSS and Par of 68 and a membership of 125. The professional course record was held by J B Saunders with a score stated to be 58. The railway station at Hawkhurst was 2 miles away.

From 1947 to its disappearance in the mid 1950s the secretary was still Captain E J Bedwell who had now been awarded an OBE. Membership had now dropped to 80.

Hawkhurst Golf Club, Kent. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Hawkhurst course.

Grid reference TQ76925,29640, co-ordinates 576925,129640.