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Castle Ashby Golf Club, Northants.

Castle Ashby first appeared in the early 1920s in the records that I have located; however, there is some evidence that the club employed Willie Aveston as professional from 1908 until 1917. Castle Ashby was a private course of nine holes belonging to the Marquess of Northampton. The station at Castle Ashby was 2 miles away. Local hotel was the Falcon.

The course was believed to have been originally constructed by the landowner for his golf loving wife. When war broke out, he was required to work away, and it is alleged by local inhabitants that, on his return, he discovered that his wife had enjoyed amorous pursuits on the golf course with a gentleman friend. In his fury, he ploughed up the course, and nothing now remains. However, this local legend may be mere village gossip!

Below is the result of a match played at Castle Ashby against Mid Bedfordshire Golf Club (also now defunct) in May 1939.

Castle Ashby Golf Club   Mid Bedfordshire Golf Club  
E Wood 0 H E Phillips 1
W Hollingsworth 1 H Wale 0
W Percival 0 R Hayes 1
A Gilks 0 W H Croker 1
G Ward 1 W H Copers 0
K Waite 0 B Mantle 1
S Kilsby 1 R Wale 0
F Fuller (captain) 1 W S Green (captain) 0
E Wood & W Hollingsworth 1 H E Phillips & H Wale 0
W Percival & A Gilks 1 R Hayes & W H Croker 0
G Ward & K Waite 1 W H Copers & B Mantle 0
S Kilsby & F Fuller 1 R Wale & W S Green 0
  8   4

In 1940 the club had a membership of 150. Visitors’ fees 1/- a day, 2/- a day at weekend and Bank Holiday, 5/- a week.

In 1947 and throughout the 1950s visitors’ fees 2/- a day, 2/6 at weekend and Bank Holidays and 5/- a week.

  Secretary Professional
1940 Reverend W F Need R W Beale
1947/50s S Kilsby, 74 Kingsley Road, Northampton.  


Castle Ashby Golf Club, Northants. Locationof the formercourse.

Location of the Castle Ashby course.