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Wellingborough Golf Club, Northants.

Founded 1893 when a group of about 30 enthusiasts arranged to meet at Wellingborough Drill Hall to discuss the possibilities of a golf course in the town. Land on fields belonging to Nest Farm was acquired and Old Tom Morris laid out the clubs first course. In 1923 the club moved to a site near Bushfield Waterworks were a new nine hole course was laid out by Tom Williamson, the professional at Notts Golf Club. The club made a third move in 1975 to Harrowden, the clubs present home.

In 1905 the secretary was C Woodcock, 20 Hutton Avenue, Wellingborough, and the captain W H Hope. Nine-hole course. The club had a membership of 60. Entrance fee was 10s/6d and subs £1/1s. Visitoes' fees 2s/6d a week. 

Below is the result of a match played at Stanwick against Wellingborough Golf Club in March 1908.

Stanwick Golf Club   Wellingborough Golf Club  
Dr Baker (half) 0 C Woodcock (half) 0
G Mason 1 C Nicholson 0
R Smith (half) 0 H W Miller (half) 0
F L Heygate 0 W K Woolston 1
C A Wetenhall 1 Rev D H Meggy 0
Dr Greenfield 0 A C Chambers 1
R Marriott 1 D D Chisholm 0
Dr Owen 0 S H Cook 1
C Claridge 0 J Watts 1
O Claridge 0 R A Shouler 1
W H Lovell 0 F G Coales 1
O Parker 1 R Tebbitt 0
  4   6

Below is the result of a club match played at Wellingborough on Thursday February 18th 1909 against Stanwick.

Wellingborough   Stanwick  
C Nicholson 0 Rev A Wetenhall 1
J Pendered 0 Dr Baker 1
R D Pendered 1 Geo Mason 0
Rev D H Meggy 1 R Smith 0
W H B Bowers 1 C A Wetenhall 0
J Watts 1 F L Heygate 0
A C Chambers 1 R F Knight 0
Rev E P Powell 1 R Marriott 0
R A Shouler 1 W H Lovell 0
D D Chisholm 1 Dr Greenfield 0
J Sharman 0 Dr Owen 1
S H Cook 1 Rev E W Snart 0
  9   3

At a meeting on the Thursday 18th March 1909 it was reported that Earl Fitzwilliam had kindly offered to build a pavilion for the club at a cost of £150, the money was to be repaid in ten annual installments. An attempt was to be made to raise the money by voluntary subscriptions.    

Miss Audrey Leigh, daughter of Sir Chandos Leigh, K.C, of Knuston Hall, won a competition arranged for the ladies’ section in March 1909.

In April 1909 the Rev D H Meggy won the H W Miller Challenge Cup with a score of 3down.

In May 1909 Mr W K Woolston won the championship cup, he beat R D Pendered in the final by 1up. Mr H C Knight, the holder, was beaten in the semi-final by Mr Pendered. The monthly medal was won by Mr R Tebbit.

Below is the result of a home match played against Kettering on Thursday 6th May 1909. 

Wellingborough   Kettering  
H C Knight 1 C Speight 0
W K Woolston 0 H A Cooper 1
R D Pendered 0 J H Wallis 1
G W Grudgeon 1 C J Olive 0
H W Miller 1 H W Mobbs 0
Rev D H Meggy 0 C Saunders 1
C Wetherall 1 J Thompson 0
R A Shouler 1 F Mobbs 0
J Watts 0 G H Lane 1
S H S Cook 0 A Cheaney 1
F G Coales 0 C L Wilson 1
R Tebbit 1 A G Layton 0
  6   6

Result of a competition for a prize given by Mr Groggen of Hinwick Hall played in November 1910; H C Knight, 3down; W A Shouler and C F Nicholson, 3down; W K Woolston and C H Oxland, 5down; C Nicholson and R Tebbit, 7down; D H Meggy, 10down; A T Down, 12down.  

Below is the result of a match played at Desborough Golf Club (now defunct) against Wellingborough Golf Club in June 1939.

Desborough Golf Club   Wellingborough Golf Club  
R Haynes and T Dean 0 H Dorman and R Mumford 1
R Barton and W Coe 0 T H Parker and O A M Wilson 1
L J Burditt and W Stratford 0 M C Collier and G Binnie 1
W Busby and L Tebbutt 0 M Smith and C E Dorman 1
H Goodman and C Gingell 0 S Marshall and S C Pentelow 1
  0   5

In 1947 the secretary at the Harrowden Road course was A M Wilson, 15b Hatton Street, Wellingborough, the professional and greenkeeper was G Craddock. The nine hole course had a Par and SSS of 72. Membership of 200. Visitor’s fees, 2/6 a day, 7/6 a week.

In 1972 the secretary was W Rowley and the professional R A King. Nine holes, the course had a total yardage of 5,824 yards and a SSS of 68. Membership of 300. Visitors' fees 75p a round, £1.25p at weekend.

Wellingborough Golf Club, Northants. Location of the first golf course.

Location of the first Wellingborough course, nowadays part of an Industrial Estate.



Wellingborough Golf Club, Northants. Location of the second golf course.

Location of the second Wellingborough course at Harrowden Road. This area is completely covered by housing with roads reflecting the lands former use, Gleneagles Drive, Wentworth Avenue etc.