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Stanwick Golf Club.

The club first appeared in 1905.

A six-hole course laid out on fields belonging to the “Squire of Stanwick” Mr Wetenall.

Following WW1 the Stanwick course was ploughed up and this prompted a move to Rushden  where the Rushden & District Golf Club was established in 1919.

Below is the result of a match played at Stanwick against Wellingborough Golf Club in March 1908.

Stanwick Golf Club   Wellingborough Golf Club  
Dr Baker (half) 0 C Woodcock (half) 0
G Mason 1 C Nicholson 0
R Smith (half) 0 H W Miller (half) 0
F L Heygate 0 W K Woolston 1
C A Wetenhall 1 Rev D H Meggy 0
Dr Greenfield 0 A C Chambers 1
R Marriott 1 D D Chisholm 0
Dr Owen 0 S H Cook 1
C Claridge 0 J Watts 1
O Claridge 0 R A Shouler 1
W H Lovell 0 F G Coales 1
O Parker 1 R Tebbitt 0
  4   6

Below is a result of a club match played at Wellingborough on Thursday 18th February 1909.

Wellingborough Golf Club   Stanwick Golf Club  
C Nicholson 0 Rev A Wetenhall 1
J Pendered 0 Dr Baker 1
R D Pendered 1 Geo Mason 0
Rev D H Meggy 1 R Smith 0
W H B Bowers 1 C A Wetenhall 0
J Watts 1 F L Heygate 0
A C Chambers 1 R F Knight 0
Rev E P Powell 1 R Marriott 0
R A Shouler 1 W H Lovell 0
D D Chisholm 1 Dr Greenfield 0
J Sharman 0 Dr Owen 1
S H Cook 1 Rev E W Snart 0
  9   3

Thanks to Martin Izzard author of Northamptonshire’s Lost Courses for his help with Stanwick and other defunct clubs and courses in Northampton.