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Ashtead Golf Club, Epsom, Surrey.

The club first appeared in the late 1890s and continued until 1904/5.  The professional was H May. 

Thanks to Brian Bouchard, who is associated with the Leatherhead and District Local History Society, for his help and for the following contribution:- 

“At the end of the 19th century much of the land in Ashtead’s manorial estate was sold off for development but a large area north of the railway line languished because of difficulties over access. By 1899 only a few houses had been built there on high ground along what is now called Ashtead Woods Road. Elsewhere in the district, however, many middle class professionals came to take up residence and, under the presidency of the new Lord of the Manor, Pantia Ralli, organised the Club to play over what was essentially waste ground (probably along Rye Fields, former farmland either side of the brook). 

In September 1900, at the Autumn Meeting, it was reported that a Match Play competition would take place on 13 October with the prize of a silver bowl presented by P Ralli. There was an AGM in 1901 and the Club was listed for 1904 but in August of that year a planning application was approved for ‘a house in the road from Woodfield to the Golf Links’ [later to become 22 Links Road]. On 28 December 1904, a conservatory was added to that house ‘on Caen Leys Golf Links’. There is no further reference to the Club – or the whereabouts of the silver bowl! 

Some of the Ashtead members migrated to Leatherhead Golf Club (founded 1903) after that course opened. There was an attempt to re-establish a course on a new development at The Warren, Ashtead, in 1912 but, presumably because of WW1, that never came to fruition”. 

The annual general meeting was held in the clubhouse on Saturday January 9th 1900, Mr S Le Blanc Smith in the chair. The accounts for the year were passed and the following officers were elected; President - Mr Pantia Ralli; vice-presidents – Rev F G L Lucas, A D Robertson, R Peake, J Henderson, W Maples, H P Sturgis, E H Bartlett, M W Marshall, W J Thompson; Captain – R Esson; Secretary – O S Partridge; Treasurer – J E Johnston; Committee – G E Tabor, A Hicks, S Le Blanc Smith, W J Thompson, R F K Gresswell, J Cresswell. 

Balance Sheet, presented by J E Johnston (Hon Treasurer), examined and found correct M Wilberforce Marshall:-

Receipts £ s d Expenditure £ s d
Balance 1899 6 10 1 Rent 15 12 0
76 members @ 30/- 114 0 0 Cheque Book   2 6
2 members @ 15/- (short period) 1 10 0 Wheelbarrow etc 3 7 0
1 member @ 30/- (1901) 1 10 0 Sand and Manure 4 14 3
24 Ladies Tickets @ 10/6 12 12 0 Posts, Rope etc for 4th green 2 18 11
2 Ladies Tickets @10/- 1 0 0 Printing and Postage 4 17 6
1 Ladies Ticket @ 5/- (short period)    5 0 Repairs to Mower etc 4 19 4
Donations 2 4 6 Hurdles 2 4 0
Competition, Mr Robinson   2 6 J Weller (Horse Hire, Mowing etc) 26 9 9
Competition 1899 unpaid   2 6 Competition, Mr Partridge   2 6
Visitor   1 6 Sundries - Oil, Brooms etc 1 2 6
        Groundsmen and Help 73 3 3
        Balance at Bank and in hand 2 7 1
  142 0 7   142 0 7

Mr J Weller provided his services from Woodfield Farm.

Seventy Eight Members’ Subscribed – Rev F G L Lucas, Rev S L Skelton, Dr Mansel, Mr Pantia Ralli, E R Lack, Mr Murray-Robertson, R A Bristowe, H J Liesching, H Bartlett, A M Walters, C J Stenning, R Robertson, A Hicks, O S Partridge, J Wood, J Cresswell, H O Cresswell, S Le Blank Smith, J Le Blanc Smith, E H Bartlett, J Cuff, W Russell, A Tate, J Henderson, E R Still, F C Still, Mr Payne Jennings, A D Robertson, C Howell, W Maples, W Smiles, R Esson, Rev G Bray, R Peake, J H Robinson, W W Read, R Birley Clark, A Freeland, G E Tabor, J Webster, Sydney Bristowe, M W Marshall, Sydney Johnson, J Burn, H P Sturgiss, J Hughes, R T Bowly, F Richardson, W J Thompson, C Brinckman, F Maples, J E Johnston, P K Read, Lionel Littlewood, F J Synge, R F K Gresswell, J Thompson, F Wilkinson, H V Parbury, L A Guillemard, F W Leach, J W Burton, C Stevens, C Osenton, H Russell, H C Boyes, JG Edgell, F Gorton, F E Hearnden, J H Walker, R G Hue Williams, J G Fort, J D Pigott, W D Mellersh, C E Harrion, £1/10s/0d each; Mr Cassells (2 years) £3; C Collins, 15/-; Ralph Barsdorf.

Donations – R Peake, £1/13/0, F Wilkinson and William Maples, 11/6.

27 Ladies’ Golf Tickets – Mrs R Robertson, Mrs A M Walters, Mrs Murray-Robertson, Miss A J Partridge, Miss E Murray-Robertson, Miss V Murray-Robertson, Mrs A Hicks, Miss Tritton, Miss M S Woolf, Miss Cresswell, Miss Charington, Miss Gurney, Miss Mellish, Miss Mansel, Mrs R Bowly, Mrs W W Read, Mrs de la Bere, Miss Tully, Miss Cuff, Mrs Bartlett, Miss W Prentis, Miss E M Patterson, Miss C E Mansel, 10/6 each; Miss M E Utterton and Mrs C Stevens, 10/- each; Mrs Barsdorf, 5/-.  

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the course and clubhouse.


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