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Claygate Golf Club, Surrey.

The club was founded in 1895.  

The nine-hole course was laid out on Claygate Common.

Result of a bogey competition played in June 1902; C Pattison, 2up; C Sillem and W Davies, 2down; S Kearns, 3down; H Chalcraft, 4down; L Crawford, 6down; Rev A Blackburn, 7down. 

In 1905/6 the secretary was C M Usher, The Elms, Claygate, Surrey and the professional W Scott (1896 to 1912). Visitors’ fees, on introduction were, 1/- a day, weekends and Bank Holidays 2/6 a day, 5/- a week and 15/- a month. 

Also listed in 1905 was the Claygate Ladies' Golf Club; secretary, Mrs G Bird, The Orchard, Esher; captain, Miss Maud Sillem. 

In 1914 the secretary was John M Forbes, Blair Lodge, Esher. The professional from 1912 to 1915 was J Munday. A 9-hole course with a club membership of 120 gents and 60 ladies. Entry fees for gents £2/2/0 and  ladies £1/1/0. Subs were gents £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0.  Visitors’ fees were 1/- a round, 2/6 at weekend and bank holiday. Sunday play was allowed without caddies after 1pm. The station at Claygate L&SWR was ¾ mile away. 


Claygate Golf Club, Surrey. The Claygate Golf Club golf links.

The Claygate Golf Club course in the early 1900s.


Claygate Golf Club disappeared after WW1.

Claygate Common is pinpointed on the Google Map below.