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Athlone Garrison Golf Club, Westmeath.

Founded in 1892.  

Athlone Garrison Golf Club had a 9-hole course laid out on the Batteries, west of the Shannon.  It continued as Athlone Garrison until 1904 when a new constitution was laid down it was at this time the club was renamed Athlone Golf Club. (See Athlone entry)

In November 1897 Athlone played a one sided home match against Mullingar. Played in perfect weather the main reason given for the defeat of the Mullingar team was probably owing, to a great extent, to the fact of the visitors were not acquainted with the numerous difficulties of the links, which had greatly improved over the last two years, and are now in splendid order.

Ahtlone Garrison Golf Club   Mullingar Golf Club  
Major Gaussen 4 Mr Gaynor 0
Mr St G Kirke 0 Mr Payn 1
Captain Hamlin 2 Mr McDonald 0
Mr O'Connell 4 Mr Fitzpatrick 0
Mr Joy 12 Mr Priscott 0
Mr Murtagh 10 Mr Long 0
  32   1