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Bantry Golf Club, County Cork.

First appeared in the 1890s the course was on Chapel Island, ten minutes by rowing boat from the pier. The club was mainly for the officers of the Guard Ship HMS Dreadnought.

A later club was founded in 1901 when the secretary was J E Keene, Harbour View House. The course, of nine-holes, was situated at Gurteenroe, there was a membership of 50.

At the time of WW1 the course location was stated to be “close to Bantry railway station” 

In 1923 the secretary was E E Leigh White, Bantry House, Bantry.

The secretary from 1924 to the clubs closure was P J Coakley, Newtown, Bantry and the greenkeeper J Driscoll. A 9 hole course with a membership of 50. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day and Sunday play was allowed. The railway station at Bantry was 1 mile away. Local hotels, Cantys and McCarthys.

Bantry Golf Club had disappeared by 1951.