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Hamilton Golf Club, South Lanarkshire.

Founded in 1892.

The original course was located at Low Park, in the mid 1920s the land was required for the development of Hamilton Race Course. The club moved to its present site in 1925.

The first of the handicap competitions for the gold medal presented by Mr Colin Dunlop took place on Saturday 25th March 1893. The medal winner would be the player with the aggregate of the three lowest scores throughout the season.The course was in good condition and the weather was fine, afternoon tea was served by several of the lady members. Result of the medal as follows; Rev Mr Gillon (scratch), 87; John Muir (27), 95; John Dykes (30), 95; James Aitken (27), 99; J Marshall (16), 100; William Gunn (36), 101; A T Forgie (scratch), 102; T A Dykes (18), 102; Robert Wilson (18), 105; Dr Blackburn (18), 106; W Dykes, London (27), 112; H L Dykes (27, 114; Elliot Souter (14), 116; Mr Blair (18), 120; W D Brown (27), 123; W M Kay (32), 132; Gavin Paterson (27), 140. There were 31 entrants.  

In early 1904 the Hamilton and Motherwell clubs amalgamated and judging by the result below Motherwell were now playing their golf on the Hamilton course.

In February 1904 the monthly competition for the Colville and Dalziel Cups took place at Hamilton, results as follows; Colville Cup – A B Lang, 84-6-78; J T Wallace, 90-10-80; William Shanks, 82 scratch; M T Archibald, 91-9-82; Dr Marshall, 83 scratch; P E Soutter, 83 scratch; George Reid, 87-2-85; B W Wallace, 95-10-85; Dalziel Cup – Allan Shaw, 83-14-69; James Keith, 89-18-71; B Barbour, 99-24-75; F D Sime, 93-12-81; Joseph Graham, 95-12-83; W Hamilton, 106-23-86; J A Macullum, 111-24-87; R P Purdie, 111-24-87; J Johnstone, 106-19-87; W P Gray, 111-23-88. The Castlehill Cup competition was also completed with Mr A B Lang beating Dr Marshall in the final.

Result of a mixed foursome competition played in June 1904; Miss Berwick and George Reid (9), 38; Miss Boyd and J A McAllum (15), 42; Miss Marshall and M T Archibald (12), 43; Miss R Boyd and Robert Boyd (16), 43; Miss Wylie and William Shanks (8), 45. 

Result of the monthly competitions for the Colville and Dalziel Cups for September 1904; Colville Cup – First Class, H E Machale, 83-4-79; J G Wallace, 90-10-80; G Bennett, 90-8-82; G Reid, 84-2-82; Dr J Marshall, 82+2-84; G C Nielson, 91-10-81; Dalziel Cup – Second Class, R B Guthrie, 100-17-83; H S K Thorburn, 110-24-86; J Cross, 105-18-87; Dr Steel, 101-14-87; J Smith, 112-23-89.


Hamilton Golf Club, South Lanarkshire. The course pre WW1.

Pre WW1 postcard of Hamilton golf course.


Hamilton Golf Club, South Lanarkshire. Hamilton Low Park course.

Location of the first Hamilton course at Low Park. Grid reference NS71955,56505, co-ordinates 271955,656505.