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Alford. (1930s)

The only evidence found so far of the early Alford Golf Club was a match played against Cluny Golf Club (also now defunct) in August 1938. The match was played at Alford on the “Haughton House Hotel Course.”

Could the earlier course have been where Haughton Country Park is now? Any help would be appreciated, please “Contact Us.”

Result below.

Alford Golf Club   Cluny Golf Club  
T R Taberner 1 W Bey 0
Cyril Mutch 0 L W Clark 1
J S Stewart junior 0 J Kennedy 1
J Mitchell 0 J R Milne 1
Simpson Stewart 1 J P Fraser 0
J Herd 1 John Milne 0
J Ritchie 0 L Adam 1
D Benzie 1 G Gray 0
James Malcolm 0 J Main 1
Miss Benzie 1 G Hunter 0
  5   5

The current Alford Golf Club opened in 1982.