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Burghead & Duffus Golf Club, Elgin, Moray.

Founded 1896. The original course was located between the Elgin and Forres Roads. This course proved unsuitable for golf and the club approached Mr Mackessack, and were successful in getting the Clarkley Hill site.

In May 1896 a beautiful silver bowl was presented for competition to the club by Mr H W Young of Burghead. The cup was inscribed “Presented by Hugh W Young, of Burghead, to the Burghead Golf Club”.

In June 1898 the new course opened, and to celebrate this a match was arranged with teams selected by the captain and vice captain.

On Saturday 14th October 1899 the qualifying round was held for the Silver Bowl, presented by Mr H W Young of Burghead. With ideal conditions for golf some good scores were returned; First, J Findlay, then J Jenkins, George Grant, A Hendry, D Beaton. Other prizes, gold medal was won by G King, the silver medal winner was J F Beatton. Mr Hendry, club captain, presented the prizes, and thanks were passed on to Mrs Hendry and Mrs Beatton who served tea to the competitors in the clubhouse during the afternoon.

The course on Clarkly Hill was an interesting 9-hole course of some 16 800 yards in length. From the Hill Hole a view of seven counties could be had. There was a small clubhouse and the station at Burghead was 10 minutes away. Local hotels were the Commercial and the Station.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1906-1914 John Graham, Bank House, Burghead  
1905-1911   William Sinclair (p)
1911-14   P Pirrie (g/p)
1920-40 R Lyon, 37 Granary Street, Burghead  

Result of the monthly prize for the junior members played on Saturday 21st June 1901; Edward Beatton, 65 scratch; James Mann, 78-10-68; Geo Grant, 79-10-69; Miss Maude Beatton won the ladies’ section with a score of 109 scratch; Mr J F Beatton won the gents medal with 103-18-85. 


Burghead & Duffus Golf Club, Elgin, Moray.Players on the course.

Above is an early 1900s Valentines Series postcard showing the Burghead course.


In 1906 the amateur course record was held by James Jenkins with a score of 34.Visitors’ fees were 6d a day, 1/6d a week and 5/- a month.

The ladies’ monthly competition was played on Saturday 3rd June 1911 and was won by Mrs Macpherson with a score of 73-24-49.

Result of a match played at Burghead against Hopeman Golf Club on Friday 16th June 1911. 

Hopeman   Burghead  
A Taylor 0 A G Campbell 1
John Manson 0 Dr Munro 1
C J McRae 0 W F Cawood 1
G Grant 1 W H Havers 0
John Davidson 1 J F Thomson 0
W Sandison 1 A McKay 0
H Fraser 1 A Manson 0
John Christie 1 J S George 0
A S Cumming 1 J Cameron 0
W Collins 0 J D Dickie 1
  6   4

A mixed foursome was played on New Year’s Day 1913, result; Miss J Corbett and A J Taylor, 105; Mrs Baird and H Jenkins, 106; Miss E M Corbett and W Edgar, 108; Mrs Forbes and H W Y Taylor, 110; Miss Sinclair and John Mason, 110; Miss Purves and James Jenkins, 114; Miss Ritchie and A S Cumming, 115; Miss E Woodside and J Sandison, 117; Miss Corbett and James Hay, 122; Miss McHardy and Dr Stephen, 125.

The annual gentlemen’s competition was held in fine weather on Saturday 19th April 1913, result as follows; R Lyon, 95-16-79; J Christie, 86-6-80; Felix Brown, 91-8-83; W Sandison, 92-9-83; W Edgar, 97-14-83; John McRae, 102-18-84; H Jenkins, 84 scratch; Sergeant Croll 103-18-85; John Davidson, 97-11-86; A S Cumming, 97-11-86. Provost Gordon, president of the club, presented the prizes. The first eight qualified for Mr H W Young’s silver cup. 

In 1914 club membership was 59. There was no entry fee. Subs were 5/- for seniors and juniors 2/6d. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 2/6d a week and 5/- a month.

The winner of the monthly medal for August 1923 was William Edgar with a score of 80.

The opening competition for the season was held in May 1928, prize winners; John Stewart, William Mayor, Ross Davidson, Robert Ross, W G Edgar and Geo McKenzie. The monthly medal was won by Mr Turnbull with a score of 78net.

In June 1928 Gordon Grant won the Young Cup he also took the monthly medal with a score of 70net.

At the annual general meeting held February 1938 the following officers were elected; President, William Mavor; vice-president, Mrs Mavor; captain, Alex Mackenzie; vice-captain, Geo Anderson; secretary, William M Maclean; assistant secretary, Duncan Mackenzie; treasurer, R Turnbull.

Below is the result of a match played at Burghead against Hopeman in June 1938.

Burghead   Hopeman  
W G McDonald 1 S McKenzie 0
Alex Mackenzie 0 G Scott 1
Roy Burgess 0 J McKenzie 1
George Anderson 0 B Sangster 1
John Ross 0 R Corsie 1
George McKenzie 0 R Davidson 1
George Mackenzie 1 D Campbell 0
William Mavor 1 G McKenzie 0
George Laing 1 W Main 0
William N Maclean 1 J Ralph 0
Joe Mackenzie 1 A McPherson 0
Tom Davidson 0 W Reid 1
Duncan Mackenzie 1 I Adam 0
James Mackenzie (half) 0 M Hay (half) 0
John Ross 0 D More 1
  7   7

From 1922 to the club’s final year in 1940, membership fluctuated between 60 and 90. The amateur course record was held by James Jenkins with a score of 33. Visitors’ fees in the later years were 1/- a day, 3/6d a week, 7/- a fortnight and 10/- a month. Sunday play was not allowed.

Burghead & Duffus Golf Club, Elgin, Moray. Location of the former course.

Burghead, course location. Grid reference NJ12580 68275, co-ordinates 312580 868275.