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Crieff Golf Club, Perthshire.

In May 1890 a group of enthusiastic golfers arranged a meeting to discuss the possibility of forming the first Crieff Golf Club. It was agreed to go ahead and Old Tom Morris was engaged to inspect various local sites. It was decided on land at East Ledowbie Park adjoining Ochtertyre. Sir Patrick Keith Murray was approached and he agreed to make the land available. The course opened in July 1891 with an exhibition match which included Old Tom Morris.

The following report appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News on Monday 13th July 1891. “Crieff golf course was opened on Saturday. The ground rises from Comrie Road to the top of Laggan Hill, the difference being about 250ft. The holes, however, have been so placed that most of the uphill work does not make itself felt. At the first hole there is a hazard – an old pond being just below the putting green. To the second hole the approach is easy past a few trees. The edge of the Laggan Wood comes almost between the player and the third hole, and, unless “strictly on the line” the ball may come to grief. The next is directly downhill. The fifth hole is easy, and so is the sixth. The seventh hole, however, will be the sporting hole, as it is possible to be got at in a single stroke. The next, and home holes, although comparatively clear, require careful play. Nothing like bunkers are in the way all round, but the course requires all the implements. A round of the green is about a mile and a half, and the members of the club who played on Saturday expressed their satisfaction with it.”

Hole measurements; One, 240 yards; Two, 245 yards; Three, 130 yards; Four, 300 yards; Five, 200 yards; Six, 220 yards; Seven, 240 yards; Eight, 240 yards; Nine, 270 yards.        



Crieff Golf Club. Layout of the early Tom Morris designed course.

The Old Tom Morris nine-hole layout of the early Crieff golf course.


Golf was short lived at this site, in 1893 the club moved to a new course laid out at Culcrieff. 

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former course on Laggan Hill.