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King James VI Golf Club, Perthshire.

Founded in 1858, it originally played and shared the North Inch Golf Course (which is still in existence). The KJVI club moved to its present location at Moncreiffe Island in 1897.

I would like to thank Ian Cairns author of “Golf over two Inches, the story of Perth’s historical courses” who provided the following additional information on the King James VI club. “The King James VI Golf Club was founded in 1858. Formal play and green keeping had ceased on the South Inch Course in 1834 when the (Royal) Perth Golfing Society relocated to the North Inch. The South Inch clearly became a bit of a mess thereafter and play ceased completely in the 1850s. 

King James VI Golf Club arose because it was felt that only one club in Perth ie the Royal club was insufficient. (as it happened many golfers were initially members of both clubs). Given the dates King James VI, as a constituted club, cannot ever have played on the South Inch. We would believe in Perth that our Royal Club is the only club ever to have played on both Inches".