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Pirnmill Golf Club, Arran.

Founded 1903.

A 9-hole course situated in Penroich where some remains of the old course can still be seen.

There was a steamer service during the summer months to Pirnmill Pier from Gourock, Fairlie and Wemyss Bay. The station at Pirnmill Ferry was 3 minutes away.


Pirnmill Golf Club, Arran. Early postcard of players on the Pirnmill course.

Above image courtesy of Frank Accleton


In 1914 the entry fee was 5/- and the subs 3/-. Sunday play was not allowed.

In 1922 course records were: (a) 39 and (p) 36. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 2/6d a week and 7/6d a month. Family tickets were available at 15/- a month.

In the late 1920s there was a club membership of about 40. Amateur course record holder was J Jeffery, 40. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 3/6d a week, 10/- a month, ladies 1/-, 2/6d, 7/6d. Family tickets 18/- a month.


Pirnmill Golf Club, Arran. Later picture of the course.

Above is a later picture of the Pirnmill clubhouse and course. Image courtesy of Russell Duncan.


Pirnmill Golf Club, Arran. Postcard showing a later view of the course.

Image courtesy of Frank Accleton


In February 1928 the Dundee Courier ran an article called “Where Golfers Don’t Wait – but they may have to walk or sail – courses on which there is no hurry – small memberships” Included in the write up was the Pirnmill Golf Club which had a membership of just 34. 


  Secretary Greenkeeper
1914 J McMillan, Auchamore, Pirnmill.  
1922 Alex Kerr, "Hazelbank" North Penrioch, Pirnmill. Alex Kerr
1920s Alex Kerr N Robertson
1940/47 Miss J Currie, Sea View, Pirnmill. J Currie
1951 A Blair, "Oakdene", Pirnmill.  


Pirnmill Golf Club, Arran. Location of the course at Penriach.

Location of the Pirnmill course at Penrioch


Pirnmill Golf Club had disappeared by the mid 1950s.