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Mosspaul Golf Club, Scottish Borders.

The club was founded in 1900.

In September 1900 Mr G P Ross a member of the Hawick Golf Club went round the delightful Mosspaul course in 65 strokes. On the fourth hole in the competition he drove over the hedge, a road and a dyke and a burn twice, holing out in two

Following are results from competitons played on Saturday 24th August 1901.

Ladies- Miss Lawson, 72-14-58; Mrs Ross, 59 scratch; Miss Shiel, 77-14-63; Mrs J S Turner, 94-30-64; Miss Reid, 71-5-66; Miss Ramsay, 96-24-72.

Gentlemen – W Houston, 89-25-64; William Burnett, 93-25-68; D McKenzie, 71-2-69; T Stevenson, 91-22-69; J Houston, 82-11-71; T H McLellan, 89-16-73; R Hume, 82-8-74; G P Ross, 76 scratch; W Miller, 83-5-78; W P Scott, 97-12-85; G Wilson, 106-16-90; A Laing, 118-27-91; James Locke, 122-23-99.

From the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1900; Hon. Secretary; A Laing, Solicitor, Hawick; Seven-hole course; Nearest large town – Hawick 12 miles. A private course attached to the Mosspaul Inn. A very sporting course with numerous hazards and burns.

The article below provides some early history of the Mosspaul Inn. It was published in 1900 when the Inn re-opened. There is no mention of the golf course but the course came into being in the same year.


Mosspaul Golf Club, Scottish Borders. An Historic Border Hostelry Report from 1900.