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San Remo Golf Club.

Founded 1905.

Today many people think that golf in San Remo started in December 1931 when the Peter Gannon designed golf course Circolo Golf degli Ulivi opened.  Early editions of the British Golf Illustrated from 1908-1910 clearly state that a golf course was in existence at San Remo, or to be more precise at Arma di Taggia in a valley surrounded by olive trees.

The then only golf course on the Italian Riviera “of nine holes, is about five minutes walk from Sagia Station, which is five miles from San Remo. An excellent clubhouse has been secured. Visitors, 50 francs, ladies, one half. For full particulars apply to The Bank, San Remo, Italy” (from Golfing Annual 1901-02)

The following information is taken from Nisbet’s 1912. “The course is beautifully situated at Arma di Taggia in a valley surrounded by olive trees. Good sporting links and the only course on the Italian Riviera”. The club had a membership of 60 at this time. There was no entry fee and subs were 100 lire (£4) for men and 50 lire for ladies. A nine-hole course. Sunday play was allowed, with caddies. Visitors, on introduction by a member, paid 5lire a day, 25 lire a fortnight and 40 lire a month.