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Franciacorta Golf Club at Borgonato-Adro. 

1927 – WW2.

In 1927 the Count Edoardo Pizzini Piomarta had a 9-hole golf course constructed in the green surroundings of Borgonato. The course initially had 7 fairways crossing and was 1,555m long. In 1929 additional land became available and the course was extended south-eastwards to 2,200m, now with 8 crossing fairways with a Standards Scratch Score 37. 

Hole One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Total
1927 120m 140m 175m 140m 190m 190m 200m 225m 175m 1555m
1929 130m 125m 200m 350m 240m 220m 240m 230m 465m 2200m

The course was laid out east and west of the railway line Brescia-Iseo, just a short walk north of the station Borgonato-Adro. After the 3rd green which was west of the railway line the golfers had to cross the railway and continue playing holes 4 to 9 on the eastern side of the railway. 


Franciacorta Golf Club at Borgonato-Adro. Layout of the course in 1931.

Course layout in 1931.


Franciacorta Golf Club at Borgonato-Adro. The Clubhouse in 1931.

The clubhouse in 1931.


In 1931 Colonel U. Faglia was the secretary, whereas Count Pizzini, as land owner, was club president and Count Fenaroli, Count Monti and Count A. Porro together with the gentlemen Ganna and Schiaffinati constituted the club committee. At that time the club had 38 permanent members, A. Dell was the professional and G. Vezzoli the greenkeeper.

We do not know when the course closed down, but it is believed it did not survive WWII.

Today’s Franciacorta Golf Club was founded at a different location in 1985, but claims on its web-site to be continuing in the tradition of Count Edouardo Pizzini Piomarta.

Meanwhile “Barone Pizzini” founded 1870 is one of the leading wine producers in La Franciacorta, which since 1967 is a protected wine producing zone “Denominazione d’origine controllata”.

The company (see also ) has also posted a film on YouTube showing moving images from the now defunct golf course.

Christoph Meister

November 2017. 

The pictures below were taken by Christoph Meister on a site visit in May 2018.


Franciacorta Golf Club at Borgonato-Adro. Pictures of the golf course taken in 2018..

The above image shows the area around holes 5,6 and 7 on the early layout, 4,8 and 9 on the later layout.


Franciacorta Golf Club at Borgonato-Adro. Location of the ninth green in 1931.

This picture shows where the ninth green would have been in 1931.


Franciacorta Golf Club at Borgonato-Adro. The ditch on the ninth hole in 2018.


Franciacorta Golf Club at Borgonato-Adro. Historic image of the ditch on the ninth hole.

The pictures above show the ditch on the ninth hole. The historic image shows a golfer playing over the ditch.


The Google Map below shows the location of the former golf course.