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Arcachon Golf Club, Gironde (33).

The town had wanted to build a golf course as early as 1894, but couldn't find appropriate land. In 1895, a private golf course was constructed, belonging to the Exshaw family. The course was located at the entrance to Arcachon, known today as Arcachon-Marine, and the Jean Brousse and Mateo-Prince stadium, in the Aiguillon district. In February 1902, the course was acquired by the town from Mr Exshaw, paid for by way of a donation to the town by M Matéo-Petit.

In 1925, the club wanted to expand to 18 holes but lack of interest and lack of maintenance led to its closure in 1937/8.


Arcachon Golf Club, Gironde. The Rev S Radcliff on the first green.

On the first green at Arcachon the Rev S Radcliff


Arcachon Golf Club, Gironde. The Restaurant and Cafe use as a clubhouse.

Restaurant and Cafe used as the Arcachon clubhouse.


On the tee on the earlier Arcachon Golf Club course.

On the tee on the earlier Arcachon course. Authors Collection.


Players on the Arcachon Golf Club course.

Early postcard showing players and caddies.


Arcachon Golf Club - Country Club.

Other leisure amenities were later added and it was shown as “Arcachon Golf and Country Club”.


Arcachon Golf Club. The course in the 1920?

Above is a picture showing the course in what looks like the 1920s. Image from the Hans Medvejsek collection.


Arcachon Golf Club. Ealrly picture of the course.

An early postcard showing the Arcachon course. From the Hans Medvejsek collection.


Construction of a new course and clubhouse began in 1955, but was not finally opened to the public until 1960. The new course is located on the grounds of the Société Immobilières de la Cote d'Argent, in the borough of La Teste de Buch.