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Lucerne (Luzern Sonnenberg) Golf Club.

Lucerne Golf Club was founded on June 26th 1903 mainly catering for the English and American tourists. A nine-hole course was opened on the Sonnenberg. "The Royal & Ancient Game of Golf" described the course as "romantic, picturesque and unique". However, due to the narrow and sometimes steep terrain, permanent prospects of golf at this location above Kriens seemed destined to failure.

Nisbet’s Golf Year Book from 1912 gives the following impressive description of the course “The headquarters of the club are in Lucerne. The course is in a beautiful and commanding situation, with a view over the Lake of Lucerne and the Alps, which surround the lake from Rigi on the east to Pilatus on the west. The course itself is distinctly sporting, and about 2.500 yards in length, the longest hole being over 500 yards, the shortest about 170 yards. The lie of the ground is very undulating and the grass excellent. The greens are always in good order, even in times of drought.”

Due to WW1 and the inevitable lack of visitors the game of golf had a premature end on the Sonnenberg. The fairways were transformed and used as farmland, while the once luxurious Hotel Sonnenberg was used for internees brought in from France and Belgium.


Lucerne (Luzern Sonnenberg) Golf Club. Course location.

Location of the Sonnenburg course.


Lucerne (Luzern Sonnenberg) Golf Club. The course.

Postcard of the Lucerne course.


Lucerne (Luzern Sonnenberg) Golf Club. Golf links advert.

Advert showing the location of the golf course and the steep terrain.


In 1921 golf restarted in Lucerne at Dietschiberg. Initially playing over 9-holes the course was later extended to 18-holes and this is the home of the present Lucerne Golf Club.