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Leighton Buzzard & District Golf Club, Grovebury. (1890/1900s)

A 9-hole course that appeared in the 1890/1900s. The professional at Leighton Buzzard in 1896/7 was George Harris. 

Results for Grovebury Golf Club:-

In January 1897 the Grovebury club played a match against a team selected by Mr H J Gibson, the home team won by 17 to 10. Grovebury team; J R T Tarver, J Healing, Fred Bassett, Dr Wagstaff, Mr Mac Bassett, G Tipdall, H E Harris.

Result of the February 1897 medal; P F Morton, 96-12-84; J R T Tarver, 92-3-89; E H Wagstaff, 107-18-89; G J Tindall, 111-18-93; J Healing, 103-10-93; F Bassett, 107-13-94; L C R Thring, 107-10-97.

April 1897 medal result; J R T Tarver, 80-3-77; P F Morton, 92-11-81; F MacBassett, 105-18-87; L C R Thring, 99-11-88; E H Wagstaff, 107-18-89; H E Harris, 110-18-92; G J Tindall, 111-18-93; Tindall Harris, 134-30-104.

May 1897 medal; L C R Thring, 95-9-86; W F Brown, 98-11-87; F Bassett, 104-13-91; J Healing, 108-11-97.

January 1898 medal; J Healing, 88-11-77; C C Edmunds, 96-15-81; F Bassett, 103-13-90; L C R Thring, 98-7-91; F M Bassett, 104-13-91.

In September 1905 it was reported that the old Grovebury course had been secured by the newly formed Leighton Buzzard & District Golf Club. The committee where trying to prepare the course to enable play as soon as possible. The secretary was Mr Urquhart and the treasurer Mr T Broomhead Bassett. The club already had 70 members.  

In 1906 the Grovebury course was stated to be in “capital condition and flourishing”. Mr J Tarver had presented a gold medal for competition for the members. The winner each year was to receive a silver replica.  

The following report appeared in the Luton Times and Advertiser on Friday 15th January 1915. “The sum of £4/15s., the balance left over from the late Leighton Buzzard Golf Club, has been forwarded to the Prince of Wales’ Fund.”