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Bletchley Golf Club, Bucks. (1906 - 1913)

The following report appeared in the Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press on Saturday 9 May 1906:- “The newly formed Bletchley Golf Club is going very strong. The links lie over some capitally situated old pasture land, in the occupation of Col. P B Giles and Mr Mornington Cannon, at Holme Chase and Brooklands, Bletchley, by whose kind permission the links have been laid out. They lie between the road from Bletchley station to the village of Bletchley and the L. and N.W. Railway Buckingham branch line. A private entrance has been made from the road and a nine-hole course laid out, all being within almost a stone’s throw from the Eight Bells Hotel, which is the clubhouse. Dr C J Deyns is the hon. secretary of the club and the membership is already numerous.

Going over the links the other day, everything was found to be in apple-pie order and the course from hole to hole is a really “sporting” course. Two players were out, although it was only early afternoon, and as we left the links two others were just about to tee-off for their first hole. That golf is the popular game of the moment is indisputable; whether it will remain so is less certain. But those who have gone in for it, or those who want to go in for it cannot do better than visit the Bletchley Golf Club links.”

The first monthly medal round was played on Saturday 31 August 1907, result; Dr Moberly (Winslow), 96-18-78; T G Lamb, 108-26-82; Dr Deyns, 97-15-82; H N Clode, 101-15-86; R Lamb, 104-16-88; F M Smith, 102-9-93; P L Lamb, 130-27-103. It was stated that the Bletchley course was now eighteen-holes. The layout of the course was supervised by Jack White, Open Champion in 1904. The bogey score for the course was 72.

In May 1908 the annual competition for the handsome “Mornington Cannon” Challenge Cup was played. The winner was Dr C J Deyns who beat R Lamb by one shot. Further land had been acquired and it was hoped to extend and lengthen the course.

Mr H S Leon J.P. was captain of the club in 1909.

Below is the result of the Mornington Cannon competition played on Saturday 12 June 1909.


Bletchley Golf Club, Buckinghamshire. Result of the Mornington Cannon competition June 1909.

From the Buckingham Express Saturday 19 June 1909. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The professional course record was held by R J Tunbridge with a score of 72.

Below is the result of a match played in July 1909 at Bletchley against Newport Pagnell Golf Club (also now defunct). The Bletchley course was stated as being in excellent order.

Bletchley Golf Club   Newport Pagnell Golf Club  
Rev S G Finley 0 E L Warman (6&4) 1
Dr C J Deyns (5&4) 1 G F Trimmer 0
H N Clode (half) 0 H A Middleton (half) 0
Dr Harvey (2up) 1 Geo Tayler 0
T G Lamb (2up) 1 M Warren 0
H Swainson Ackroyd (3&1) 1 F W Taylor 0
Dr S C H Moberly (5&4) 1 H P Parton 0
  5   1

On Friday 17 December 1909 the competition for the silver cup presented by the captain, The Earl of Orkeney, was played in constant rain, result; H N Clode (Bletchley), 102-13-89; R Lamb (Fenny Stratford), 112-12-100; Dr C J Deyns (Fenny Stratford), 113-11-102.

In December 1909 it was reported that the club had recently considerably extended the course. The course had been laid out on land belonging to Mr Mornington Cannon and Col. Giles had now been extended to take in a large field opposite the Eight Bells Hotel. The field, formerly arable, was laid with grass, and for some time had been worked on by the club’s professional, R J Tonbridge. Three new greens were laid out in the field with another being added on land belonging to Col. Giles. It was hoped to be playing on the new course by May 1910. Dr S C H Moberly, Winslow, was now secretary at the club.  

Result of the Mornington Association Challenge Cup played on Saturday 20 May 1911; J King Studman, 80-4-76; R R Lamb, 92-12-80; H N Clode, 95-11-84; H S Manisty, 101-14-87; Dr S Moberly, 111-16-95; F Coates, 119-24-95; T G Lamb, 117-18-99. 

Report on the annual meeting held in December 1911.


Bletchley Golf Club, Bucks. Report on the annual meeting held in December 1911.

Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press Saturday 16 December 1911. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Bletchley Golf Club, Bucks. Map showing The Eight Bells Inn, the golf clubhouse.

The Eight Bells Inn, used as the Golf Clubhouse, is in the centre of the above map. This is before the course was laid out. Reproduced from the {1900} Ordnance Survey Map.


The club closed in 1913.

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the Eight Bells Inn, the former golf clubhouse.