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Waddesdon Manor Golf Course, Bucks. (1923 - WW2)

The course was laid out between January 1923 and March 1925 at a cost of £1915.

From 1923 until 1940 the average expenditure on the golf course was £670. It was initially a 9-hole course, but plans were afoot and proposals drawn up by Simpson & Ross who were paid for their services in 1928 to extend the course to 18-holes. Whether the proposals were actually carried out is still to be confirmed. It's possible that the plans were thwarted by the Depression years.

Below are images of two of the Tom Simpson holes.


Waddesdon Manor Private Golf Course. Image showing the Tom Simpson hole two.


Waddesdon Manor Private Golf Course. Image showing the Tom Simpson hole three.


The course was for private use as the owner of Waddesdon Manor at the time, James Rothschild, was a very keen golfer (I think he actually lost an eye playing golf at Deauville, in France - but not 100% sure about this).  I understand that some of the gardeners employed by the Rothschilds at Waddesdon Manor, acted as caddies on their days off.  The course was located in the (private) park land, to the South of Waddesdon manor, around Windmill Hill.The golf course ceased to function during WW2 when the park was requisitioned by the Department of War. As with many courses it fell into disrepair, it never recovered.

Henry Cotton played the course and wrote afterwards how surprised he was to find such a nice course at Waddesdon.

The course can be seen on the Britain From Above link below.