St Neots Golf Club, Cambs. (1890 - 1912)

The club was founded in 1890 with a course on the Common. The golfers were only permitted to play on designated weekdays.

The club played on the Common for over twenty years, it moved to its current location in 1912.

It was reported in February 1891 that the first competition took place on the course. Mr Alex McNish took the first prize with a score of 79, Mr Brackenbury was runner-up.

Result of  a handicap competition played in February 1891; Mr Good, 75-10-65; Harry Ennals, 77-10-67; F Copping, 91-20-71.


St Neots Golf Club, Cambridgeshire. Presentation to the secretary in March 1893.

From the Herts & Cambs Reporter & Royston Crow 17 March 1893. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Sad report from Golf Friday 19 January 1894 - "The death is announced of Dr Good , one of the founders and hon. secretary of the St. Neots Golf Club. It was it has suggestion that the club was formed, and, some little time after its formation, when he became hon. secretary, he infused new life into it, and greatly increased the number of members. it was his idea, too, that ladies should also have the opportunity of deriving great pleasure and benefit to their health that the St Neots links now afford to so many of the fair sex."   

Competition results from March 1894.


St Neots Golf Club, Cambridgeshire. Competition results from March 1894.



Result of a match played at St Neots against Burghley Park on Saturday 22 February 1895.

St Neots Golf Club   Burghley Park Golf Club  
A C McNish 3 Rev R C Faihfull 0
Col Broughton 0 W L de B Thorold 7
J A Ennals 9 E Carroll 0
J C Duberly 0 Rev T Ward 4
S Fuller 0 H V Iggulden 4
A B Brackenbury 3 R Wych junr 0
P C Tomson 5 C Hunt 0
Rev N Royds 0 E W Phillips 2
  20   17

Below is the result of a match played on the Warden Hill course of the South Beds Golf Club in November 1895.

South Beds Golf Club   St Neots Golf Club  
C H Osborne  0 P C Tomson 9
J C Kershaw 0 A D Brackenbury 3
F Simpson 0 J A Ennals 8
R N Christie 10 Rev. N Royds 0
E W Greatorex 1 F N Butler 0
W Randall 9 Harry Ennals 0
Harold Blundell 7 Mr Wellwood McNish 0
Gilbert Barford 2 S G Wilkinson 0
  29   20

In October 1896 it was reported that a new record had been set On the St Neots course by W Smith of Carnoustie with a score of 79 (41 and 37.) On Saturday 24th at St Neots the home team beat Hitchin by 19 holes.

In March 1900 the competition was played for the handsome silver challenge bowl, presented by Miss F Squire. It was won by Miss Isabel Squire with a score of 132-40-92; Mr P O Tomson was second, 101-8-93.


St Neots Golf Club, Cambridgeshire. The annual meeting in September 1901.

From the Bedfordshire Times & Independent 27 September 1901. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the competition for the silver club button played in October 1901; Mrs Percy Tomson, 121-36-85; N G Flawn, 103-16-87; S E Armstrong, 104-17-87; F N Butler, 106-18-88; J A Ennals, 102-12-90; T Armstrong, 127-36-91; A W McNish, 112-18-94.

In the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook only the St Neots Ladies’ Golf Club was listed, as follows; Instituted 1891; Hon. secretary and captain – Mrs P Tomson, “Monifieth,” St Neots; Entrance fee nil and subs 10s/6d; green-keeper, W Dumbleton; professional record, W Smith, 36; amateur record, D Baxter, 36; Terms for visitors, 1s a day, 2s/6d a week, 5s a month. An interesting nine-hole course with a variety of hazards, including gravel pits, a road and a brook.

It was reported in September 1911 that the club was considering a move to a new course at Cross Hall. They completed the move in 1912.

The Google Map below shows the location of the earlier golf course.