March Golf Club, Cambridgeshire. (1923 - 1962)

Founded in 1923.

The club had the first three courses in fairly quick succession. The first course was on farmland at Cavalry Barn Farm. The club had to give this site up in 1925 when the local council acquired it for housing development. The second course was at Badgeney, this was a seasonal course, October to April, the land was required for grazing from May to September and this arrangement was never going to fulfil the clubs needs. In the late 1920s land became available at Hatchfords Farm and the club made its third move. It carried on at this location until 1961 when the farmer decided to sell the farm and land.

In the early 1930s the secretary was J Tibbett, The Lodge, March. The club had a membership of 60. The professional was J Barry. Nine-hole course. Visitors’ fees were; 2s/6d a day, 7s/6d a week.

The professional and green-keeper in the mid 1930s was S Wilikinson. He moved to take up a similar position at Rother Vale Golf Club in Sheffield in December 1937.

In the 1940s the secretary at March Golf Club, Hatchwoods, Knights End, was R L R Bentley, Market Square, March. The club had a membership of 100.  The professional and green-keeper was H N Shaw. The nine-hole course had a SSS of 66. Visitors’ fees  were 2s/6d a round.

In 1950 the secretary was A L Mitchell, Darthill Road, March. The professional was N H Shaw, and the green-keeper A Yardy.

In the mid 1950s and early 1960s the secretary was N C Clemens, “Fistral” Hawthorne Grove, March. The green-keeper was A Yardy. The nine-holes measured 2,350 yards with a SSS of 66. Amateur course record; D Aveling, 66. 

The club moved to its present location at Froggs Abbey in May 1962.

March Golf Club, Cambridgeshire. Location of the former golf course.

The earlier course at Cavalry Barn Farm is to the east.

Grid reference TL41980,95850, co-ordinates 541890,295850.

The later Hatchwood Farm course is to the west.

Grid reference TL40715,95325, co-ordinates 540715,295325.


The Google Map below pinpoints the former Hatchwood Farm course.