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Rolls Royce Golf Club, Moor Lane, Derbyshire.

The Rolls Royce Golf Club purchased and took over the Sinfin Moor course in 1929/30.

The course was reduced to nine-holes, the land occupied by the other nine-holes being leased to a farmer.  The club continued until the outbreak of WW2 when the course was taken over by the ministry for the war effort.

The first professional was W Tedder, a former Derby County footballer. He was followed by Arthur Rivett who came from Markeaton Golf Club (also now defunct) and stayed until the outbreak of WW2.

During the 1930s there was also a compact nine-hole pitch-and-putt course which was laid out close to where the Sports Hall is nowadays. 

Below is the result of a foursome match played between Rolls Royce and the Old Sinfin Members on the Rolls Royce course in July 1929. 

Rolls Royce   Old Sinfin  
W Peak & J Millwain (half) 0 R Hassall & H L Parker (half) 0
W Ellis & A Lord 1 T Summerside & G Mitchell 0
A E Matthews & J Sinclair 0 W Blackwell & A Harrison 1
T Cockshott & F Greenwood 1 R Gill & C Clay 0
C Imeson & W Smithdale 1 A Bussell & J Parker 0
J Grundy & S Meynell 1 C Bannister & W Simms 0
T Bell & J Greenwood 1 F Davey & M Pennington 0
  5   1

Result of the Captain’s Prize played in October 1930; L Smith, 7down; A Brogden, 8 down; R Crowder, 8 down; J Pritchard, 10 down; W Trayner, 10 down; A Wickets, 10 down.


Rolls Royce Golf Club, Derbyshire. Rolls Royce golf competition spoon 1938.


Rolls Royce Golf Club, Derbyshire. Rolls Royce golf competition spoon 1938.

Rolls Royce Golf Club competition spoon dated 1938.


Rolls Royce Golf Club, Derby. Location of the former course.

The Golf Course bottom left; Engineering Works top right. Reproduced from the {1949} Ordnance Survey Map.


The Google Map below pinpoints the course as marked on the above O.S map.