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Sinfin Moor Golf Club, Derbyshire. (1921 - 1929)

The club first appeared in 1921, report below.


Sinfin Moor Golf Club. Derby. Report on the new club from August 1921.

Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal Saturday 27th August 1921.


The nine-hole course measured 2,596 yards and was situated off Sinfin Lane. Professional and tutor onsite. Green fees 1s a round, 1s/6d a day; Entrance fee Gent's £1 and Ladies 10s; Subs £2 and £1/5s; Refreshments available at the clubhouse; Application for membership to the secretary, J G Keightley, 80 Leacroft Road, Derby. 

The competition for the Griffiths Challenge Cup (handicaps 13 upwards) was played in October 1923, result; A Gardener, 88-20-68; G Beckwith, 88-18-70; R J Hassall, 96-24-72; E Platford, 86-14-72; W Ellis, 96-22-74; W L Mann, 99-24-75; H N Chaliand, 94-18-76.

The first supper and dance in December 1923.


Sinfin Moor Golf Club. Derby. Report on the first supper and dance in December 1923.


Sinfin Moor Golf Club. Derby. Report on the first supper and dance in December 1923.

Derby Daily Telegraph Monday 3rd December 1923. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In the final of the 36-hole president's cup in November 1924 A Ashmore beat D Matthews by 4 and 3.

The annual whist drive and dance was held in the Rolls Royce Staff Canteen in February 1925.

In March 1926 over 250 members and friends attended the annual dance which was held in the Assembly Rooms, W Peach was the M.C. 

In April 1926 E B Raisin holed in one at the 125 yard third hole.

In November 1926 there was a good attendance in the clubhouse for the annual meeting.  A Wormald was re-elected president; W Peak was elected captain, W Peach vice-captain; hon. secretary, J G Keightley; hon. assistant secretary, W Good; hon. treasurer, W F Hall; ladies' captain, Miss W Johnson; ladies' vice-captain, Miss D L Bennett; ladies' hon. secretary, Mrs Goodhead. 

In July 1927 Archie Ritchie, the Sinfin Moor golf professional and Derby County footballer, was appointed player-manager to Guildford Football Club.

It was reported in June 1928 the Sinfin Moor Golf Club was to finish, the balance in hand of £20 was to be donated to the Derby Boys Club to buy tents.

The course would be taken over in 1929 by the Rolls Royce Welfare Scheme. There is a separate article on this website that records the history of the now defunct Rolls Royce Golf Club.