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North East Derby Golf Club, Beighton, Derbyshire. (1906 - WW1)

The club was founded in 1906.

Originally a ten-hole course with holes between 170 and 450 yards (Par 40) the course was eventually extended to eighteen holes. The large clubhouse was a former farmhouse. The railway station at Beighton adjoined the course. Club competitions included monthly medals, The Barkby Shield and The Butler Bowdon Cup.

Club Professionals; Donald Pettinger, 1906-1911; William Buckle, 1911-1915.


North East Derby Golf Club, Beighton, Sheffield. Entry for professional D G W Pettinger. Entry for Donald Pettinger in the 1910-11 PGA List of Members.


Result of the May 1909 monthly bogey competition; H F Smith, 1down; W G Cook, 3down; G Birch, 3down; W Hargreaves, 3down; W F Mills, 3down; E A Barkby, 4down; A R Fordyce, 4down; A Good, 4down; J Green, 4down; D Newton, 5down.


North East Derby Golf Club, Beighton. Club button.

North East Derby Golf Club button. 


North-East Derbyshire Golf Club, Beighton. Competition results from October 1909.

From the Sheffield Daily Telegraph 18th October 1909. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the 1910 May monthly medal; Dr J R McRae, 95-12-83; A H Cook, 90-6-84; H F Smith, 96-12-84; T G Rogers, 104-20-84; D Newton, 106-18-88; A W Green,122-24-98. 

Result of the monthly bogey competition held on Saturday 21st May 1910, it was played in stormy weather which helped to ruin many cards,  was won by Dr P E McElligott. The competitions arranged for ladies’ day proved very successful. The winners of the mixed foursome bogey competition were Miss A J Hounsfield and R G F Smith with Miss M T Quin and E White second. The result of the approaching and putting competition for the ladies finished in a tie between; Miss E G Cook, Miss A W Cook and Miss B A Hibbard. The gent’s competition was won by Dr P E McElligott, he was followed by W G Cook, A H Cook, Rev J A Godfrey, E White and J Fairbrother. 

Following are the results from the first round of the Barkby Shield played on Saturday 14th May 1910; Rev J A Godfrey beat J T Lugate, 5&4; E Newcombe beat J Bingham, 4&3; W F Mills beat J Green, 5&4; D Newton beat E White, 2up; A W Cotterell beat Dr P Bennett, 4&3; Dr J Fairbrother beat Dr G M Rae at the 21st hole; Dr W Bennett beat Dr McElligott, 3&1; Dr J R M Rae beat T G Rogers, 1up; R G F Smith beat H C Glenn, 5&4; Colonel J E Butler Bowden beat I Crowther, 1up; Dr T F Murphy beat Harold F Smith, 5&4; V P Slack beat Dr J Adam, 2up; E J Roberts scratched to G C Black; E Hall beat S Duckenfield, 5&4; Colonel Chandos Pole beat W Jenkinson, 7&6; E A Barkby beat E Cox, 5&3; E Kay beat P F Lapworth, 4&3; The following had byes in the first round, H Frankland Smith, J Hibbard, Dr A R Fordyce, F R Booth, B Hill, W G Cook, A Good, E L Thomas, R P Walker, G Birch, W H Briggs, E Weston, A H Cook, S D Jenkinson and S M Schindler.

Result of a mixed foursome bogey played in April 1911; winners - Miss A W Cook & Dr J Adam, 4down. Followed by; Miss A J Hounsfield & Dr T F Murphy; Miss Quin & Dr P Bennett; Miss E Rae & Dr J R M Rae; Miss G Richardson & Dr G M Rae; Miss E Cook & W G Cook; Miss D Forbes & H Frankland Smith; Mrs J Hibbard & E White; Mrs Richardson & Dr A R Fordyce; Miss A Forsdike & R G F Smith; Miss J Rae & W F Mills; Miss Thomas & Harold F Smith.  

There was a poor entry for the monthly bogey competition on Saturday 20th May 1911. The winner was E Kay with a score of 4down. 

In 1912 the secretary was A W Green. 

In 1914 the secretary was E J Roberts, Halfway, Sheffield, and the professional W Buckle. A 10 hole course with a membership of 168. The entry fee for gents was £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Subs for gents were £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 6/- a week and 15/- a month. (half fees if introduced by a member). 

North East Derby Golf Club disappeared after WW1.