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Chesterford Park Golf Club, Saffron Walden. (1890s) 

The club appeared during the 1890s, the duration of the club is not known.

The monthly competition took place on Monday 11th December 1893. Fourteen ladies and seven men competed. Mrs Bellingham won the brooch with a net score of 57. The medal was won by the Rev T F F Williams with a score of 100.

Folllowing is the result of the monthly medal played on Monday 15th January 1894; Ladies - Miss Taylor, 79-23-56; Mrs Williams, 87-21-66; Mrs A W Stanley, 88-19-69; Mrs A Shafto Barthropp, 79-10-69; Miss E W Tuke100-28-72; Mrs Waterhouse, 88-15-73; Mrs Smith, 92-15-77; Miss Nockolds, 104-25-79; Mrs Bellingham, 99-18-81; Miss Tuke and Miss Burrell, no returns.

Gentlemen - Rev E F A Hext, 111-30-81; R Burrell, 136-34-102; Mr Burrell, 173-46-127; Mr Wentworth Stanley, H Green, Rev W B Bliss, W Adams, H P Cunliffe and Rev T F F Williams, no returns.

The "Bogie Cup" competition was played in February 1894, the Rev T F F Williams was the winner.

In the same month Hugh Kirkaldy, Oxford University Golf Club, winner of the 1891 British Open, and Jack White, formerly of North Berwick, now professional at the Chesterford Park Golf Club, played a match on the Chesteford Park course. White won the match.

During a six week period in April and May 1894the members played a competition, the prize for the winner was a revolving bookcase given by the Hon. Lady Brabrooke, the winner was the Rev T F F Williams.

Below is a report on the match played between Jack White and Douglas Rolland in May 1894.


Chesterford Park Golf Club, Little Chesterford. Match between Jack White and Douglas Rolland played in May 1894.

From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News Saturday 12th May 1894. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


The May 1894 monthly medal and the Ashford Challenge Cup was won by Mr Cobbold.

In the June 1894 monthly competitions the brooch was won by Mrs Waterhouse of Newport, she also became holder of the Charterhouse Challeng Cup. Mr A W Stanley was the winner of the monthly medal and became holfer of the Ashford Challenge Cup.

Results of competitons played in December 1894. Bogey Cup, Rev E E Edgerley (27), 4down; Ladies' Brooch and Charterhouse Challenge Cup, Miss Burrell, 89; Medal and Ashford Challenge Cup, A Wentworth Stanley, 105.

In April 1895 the medal and Charterhouse Challenge Cup was won by Mrs A Shaft Barthropp of Newport, five ladies competed. Mr A Waterhouse won the medal and Ashford Challenge Cup.

Result of the ladies' Charterhouse Challenge Cup in June 1895; Miss F Burgess, 101; Mrs Waterhouse, 102; Miss F Nockolds, 102; Miss M Smith, 109; Mrs Williams, 113; Gent's medal; H Neville, 93; C H Taylor, 97; J C T Smith, 103; W Waterhouse, 104; M Taylor, 107; Rev C E Barnes, A W Stanley and H P Cunliffe, no returns. Mr Marshall Taylor won the Bogey Cup with a score of 6down.

In March 1896 a match took place between Club Members and the Servants.     

Below is a map of Chesteford Park in 1897. There is no golf course marked.


Chesterford Park Golf Club, Saffron Walden, Essex. Chesterford Park on the 1897 O.S map.

Chesterford Park. Reproduced from the {1897} Ordnance Survey Map.


On Saturday 8th May 1897 the monthly was played and won by Mr R Waterhouse, 106-18-88. Other competition results; Miss Burrell won the drive competition with a distance of 126 yards 2 feet 8 inches; Mrs Heriz-Smith wo the approach shot; Mrs Pickersgill Cunliffe won the puting.

Result of the medal played on Saturday 12th June 1897; Miss Burrell, 93-9-84; Miss Heriz-Smith, 136-35-101; Mrs Waterhouse, 117-13-104. Gentlemen; R M J Stewart, 100-12-88; W Waterhouse, 100-2-98; J C T Heriz-Smith J.P., 114-13-101.

In the November 1898 ladies' monthly competition the winner was Miss H Wright, 123-35-88. Rev E E Edgerley won the gent's, 96-15-81.  

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