Colne Valley Golf Club, White Colne, Essex. (1907 - WW1)

Founded in 1907.

A 9-hole  picturesque and sporting course with undulating and difficult greens, on gravel.  The station was 3 minutes away.

Result of the October 1908 ladies' monthly medal; Miss Hills, 60+54= 114 gross; Mrs Godlee, 57+59=116; Miss Marsh, 56+61=117; Mrs Marsh, 58+60=118; Miss Grimston, 75+74=149; Miss T Heyworth, 78+73=151; Miss Burke, 70+81=151; Miss G Heyworth, 95+69=164; Mrs Keeling, 84+84=168. 

Below is the result of a match played at Newton Green in September 1909.

Newton Green Golf Club   Colne Valley Golf Club  
O T Cooke (2&1) 1 Dr. Roberts 0
W M Cooke (7&6) 1 C H Marsh 0
Col. Anstruther (5&4) 1 C E Hill 0
Capt. Grey (7&5) 1 Dr. Pallett 0
P P Masterman (2&1) 1 H F Hills 0
J Owen Steed (9&8) 1 J L Beaumont 0
  6   0

The November 1909 monthly medal was won by H F Hills, J.P., with a net score of 87.

The December 1909 ladies' monthly medal was won by Miss Burke with a net score of 106.

In a match in December 1909 The Right Hon. J A Pease, beat the hon. secretary, H F Hills.

The professional in 1911/2 was J Gordon.

Below results from the ladies' open meeting in May 1913.


Colne Valley Golf Club, White Colne, Essex. Results from the ladies open competition in May 1913.

From the Chelmsford Chronicle Friday 9th May 1913. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below a report on the final of the Batters Cup played in September 1913.


Colne Valley Golf Club, White Colne, Essex. Report on the final of the Batters Cup September 1913.

From the Suffolk and Essex Free Press Wednesday 10th September 1913.


In 1914 the secretary was H F Hills, Chalkney House and the professional R (Bob) Munro (1912 to 1915). The club had a membership of 100. Entry fees were £1/1/0 and subs £2/2/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and 5/- a week. Sunday play allowed without caddies.

In May 1914 competitions were played for prizes given by the captain, T B S Menzies, for the best gross score and by Captain L M Turney for the best handicap score. Great credit was given to the professional, Bob Munro, for having the course in great order and to the hon. secretary, H F Hills, for organising the competitions.

Result; Stroke Competition - R Allingham, 91-14-77; W F Pemberton, 84-3-81; W F Rogers, 84-3-81; Capt. L M Turney, 95-14-81; J W Batters, 92-11-81; E E Probert, 99-17-82; R C Walker, 87-3-84; Rev. H J Lowe, 99-14-85; R Wakelin, 95-9-86; T B S Menzies, 92-6-86; E C Rogers, 103-16-87; P E Wiseman, 95-6-89.

A Bogey Competition was also played; R Allingham (14,) 3down; G Ormond (12,) and G H Marsh (14,) 4down; Capt. Turney (14,) 5down; E C Probert (17,) and J W Batters (11,) 7down.

Colne Valley Golf Club disappeared after WW1.

Below is the location of the former White Colne Station, the golf course was a short walk away.



The current Colne Valley was Founded in 1991.