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Little Warley Golf Club, Brentwood, Essex. (1899 - WW2)

Founded in 1899.

A 9-hole course laid out on undulating common land with natural hazards additional obstacles were bushes and two ponds. Railway stations at Brentwood and Warley 2 miles away. Local hotels were the White Hart, Lion and the Lamb at Brentwood.

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1899; Hon. secretary - H P Landon, The Lodge, Shenfield; captain, A Young; Entrance fee nil and subs £1/1s; Nine-holes (bogey 18-holes, 74); Amateur record - A Young and M G Burgess, 79 gross.  

In 1906 the secretary was Harcourt P Landon, The Lodge, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex. Amateur record holder was J T Green with a score of 77. Visitors wishing to play were required to apply to the secretary.

In 1914 the secretary was Major A F Cooke, 167 High street, Brentwood. There was a membership of 75. The entrance fee was 21/- and subs 21/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day. There was no Sunday play.

In 1923 the secretary was G E Thomson, Sempah, Shenfield, Essex. Membership was now 80. Amateur record holder was A Young with a score of 68.

December 1924. The first round of the winter eclectic competition for the Childerditch Cup was played on Boxing Day and was won by F Armour (13) with a score of 50, W L W Larkin (18) was second with 51. D M Copeland (12) won the replay against G E Thomson (5) to take the captain’s prize.

The eclectic competition for the Childerditch Cup came to a conclusion in February 1925. The winner was D M Copeland (10) with a score of 103 for 36 holes, A E Johnson (14) was runner-up with 104.

Result of the monthly bogey played in February 1925; W G Hodgins (19) 2down; A E Johnson (13) and G A Kendrick tied for second at 4down.

On Friday 6th March 1925 the club held its annual dinner at the Lion and Lamb Hotel in Brentwood. The club captain, Mr G W Copeland, was in the chair.

Result of the March medal 1925; G E Thomson, 72-5-67; A E Johnson, 82-13-69; H G Robson, 81-11-70.

In April 1925 the special Easter bogey competition was won by H A Symonds (19) 3down. The monthly bogey result; M A Copeland (8) all square; H G Robson (11) and A E Johnson (13) tied for second on 2down.

In May 1925 there was a large number of competitors for the annual competition for the Bogey Challenge Cup, which was presented to the club 25 years ago. It was won in a play-off by A E Johnson who beat H G Robson.

The competition for the Little Warley Challenge Cup played over 36 holes took place on Saturday 6th June, result; G A Kindrick (17) 61+62-123; W G Hodgins (13) 62+65-127; D M Copeland (10) 67+62-129. Amongst the many competitors who returned good scores was J T Green, who had been a member of the club since its foundation in 1899.  Also in June 1925 a special stroke competition was won by W G Hodgins, 75-15-60.

Result of the monthly bogey for July 1925; J B Copeland (8) 1down; G W Copeland (13) and E W Vernall (14) tied for second 2down. The medal result for July; Rev J Thomson, 74-10-64; W G Hodgins, 79-12-67.

In the monthly medal for August 1925 G W Copeland (13) and M A Copeland (7) tied for first place with a score of 63, M A Copeland won the play-off. In the August bogey the winner was F Armour (13) who finished with a splendid 4up. The knock-out competition for the Tournament Challenge Cup was won by G E Thomson who beat F Armour.

Result of the November medal for 1925; D M Copeland, 75-9-66; H G Robson, 76-9-67.

During the 1930s the secretary was M A Copeland, “Wanesfield” Woodman Road (in the mid 1930s “Fairway“ Woodman Road), Brentwood and the green-keeper C Bell. Club membership was 85. Amateur course record held by M A Copeland 66. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day, 2/6 at weekend and Bank Holiday.

Little Warley Golf Club, Brentwood, Essex. Location of the former golf course.

Little Warley Golf Club had disappeared by 1940.

Grid reference TQ60630,90580, co-ordinates 560630,190580.